The Wonder Years (Reboot)


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I already see integrated classrooms and other areas - knowing this they'll bump it up to the 80s or 90s lol

No Bull Connor lol


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What she does not get is-if always showing how racist white folks are and ignore all the times race was NOT an issue-what does she expect?

What's Happening, Cooley High nor Good Time or The Jeffersons did not showcased White folks. They showed black folks living life to the best of their abilities.

Yes we had segregation. Yet we also adapted and had all our OWN stuff. Where are those stories that don't become racism stories or black violence and drug stories.

If every episode is going to be about race. Going ahead and AX it.

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A 1990 graduate of what was then the Lanier Academic Magnet Program, Patterson is a veteran of the entertainment industry who has written and/or produced some of television’s hit shows, including “Frasier,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Psych,” “The Last O.G.,” “The Bernie Mac Show,” and “Two and a Half Men.” On the big screen, he’s written for movies such as “The Fighting Temptations.”

Patterson’s “The Wonder Years” is set in 1968 with an African-American family at its center. The show premiered in September and is already tracking to be as popular as its forerunner.

Patterson said he chose Montgomery as the show’s setting because of his experiences as a youth.

“’The Wonder Years’ is all about the nostalgia of growing up and the Universal experiences of adolescence, and you write what you know,” said Patterson. “And since my adolescence was spent in Montgomery, I really wanted to set it there because that just helps me creatively tap into those stories, those feelings. And also, it’s a setting in this time that we haven’t seen represented in this way before in terms of a show about a black family that, in spite of some of the obstacles of the late ‘60s, still had those universally relatable family experiences that most Americans had. I wanted Montgomery to be seen in that light as well.”

Seasoned actor Dule’ Hill plays the role of Bill Williams, father of Dean, the central character in the show. Hill’s character is a professor of music at Alabama State University, reflecting Patterson’s strong HBCU ties.

“The mother and father characters in the show are inspired by my Mom and Dad. That’s why I have the characters in the show (having attended) Tuskegee,” said Patterson. “My Mom and Dad both did; but in terms of their professions here in Montgomery, the dad character is (not only) influenced by my Dad but is also influenced by the father of one of my best friends growing up, Derek Handy, whose whole family was involved at Alabama State. His brother, Ron Handy, is a faculty member here in the music department. His mom and dad were both affiliated with the University both as students and as teachers. And so, I kind of wanted to give a little bit of an homage to them by letting the Bill character be a music professor here at Alabama State.”

Patterson joined the crew as they filmed a scene on the Academic Mall (Quad) of ASU. Co-Executive Producer and original “Wonder Years” child star, Fred Savage, was also on set as a director. In addition to Hill, the cast of the new “Wonder Years” includes Elisha “EJ” Williams as Dean; Saycon Sengbloh, Lillian Williams; Laura Kariuki, Kim Williams; and Don Cheadle who provides the adult narration of Dean’s childhood memories. Both Savage and filmmaker/TV creator Lee Daniels serve alongside Patterson as executive producers of the show.