The Wattstax Documentary


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Right now, I am watching the Wattstax Documentary on PBS and it is off the hook....,

This is a Documentary based on the 1972 Stax Records Music Festival at the L.A. Coliseum. The music presentation of this was released as a double album in 73 and the Documentary came out in selected theatres but never shown on tv because it was, "too black"...........,

Richard Pryor is the host of this Documentary which not only includes music from Isaac Hayes, Staple Singers, Rufus Thomas, to name a few but it includes interviews from the people of the Watts inside their own community (churches, barber shops, etc.).., In these interviews, no subject is untouched and the language is raw. They talk about everything from The Watts Riots, sex, race relations, dirty laundry, and etc...,

Again Richard Pryor is Raw. This is right before he began to have breakout moments with his records, comedy writing, and move appearences. When you watch and listen to him, you're like as good as Chappelle, Rock, Lawrence and all these other cats are, Pryor would put them to shame if they even thought about being the same room with him..............,

There is more footage from the Watts Community, interview with the people including actors from Watts (Isaac before the Love Boat and Ted The Wino/Woodrow from Goodtimes and Sanford & Son)...,

A young radical and dynamic Preacher with a big afro named Jesse Jackson is the M.C. of the Concert, man does he get the 80,000 plus hyped...,

More Afros, bell bottoms, black fists, fine looking sisters from back in the day, etc....,

Next to "When They Were Kings" I have to say this is one of my favorite Documentaries ever made.....,