The Top Ten HBCU Bands

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  1. bernard

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    The Top Ten HBCU Bands
    By Lauren Miller, eHow Contributor
    updated: November 6, 2010

    Many spectators flock to football games between historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) for the halftime shows. Known as the "fifth quarter" among HBCUs, halftime shows feature precision drills, elaborate dance routines, flashy drum majors and drumline face-offs between team marching bands. Popular movies and music videos feature some of the most famous HBCU bands. The best college bands also influence the marching style and musical selections of many high school bands.

    Howard University

    Known as "Showtime," the Howard University Marching Band represents one of the most prestigious HBCUs. The Washington, D.C.-based school's band marched in the parade for the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

    Florida A&M University

    With over 400 members, the FAMU "Marching 100" is one of the largest marching bands in the nation. It is considered to be one of the best marching bands in the country. The Miami Herald called the FAMU's band "the marchingest, playingest, band in the land." FAMU accolades include invitations to several presidential functions including inauguration parades for both President Obama and former president Bill Clinton.

    Southern University

    The Southern University band known as the "Human Jukebox" receives frequent invitations to perform at National Football League games and participated in President Obama's inauguration parade. Film director Spike Lee included the band in two of his movies and the band was featured in a segment of ABC's "Nightline in 2004.

    Clark Atlanta

    Clark Atlanta University provided the setting for the movie "Drumline" and the school's band was prominently featured in the film. "The Mighty Marching Panther" band has appeared in commercials and in many famous parades. Clark Atlanta is a frequent participant in the Honda Battle of the Bands Invitational, the premier showcase of HBCU bands.

    North Carolina Central University

    Known as the "Marching Sound Machine," the North Carolina Central band participated in the 2010 Honda Battle of the Bands Invitational. The band also frequently performs in famous parades and government functions.

    Prairie View A&M University

    Legendary band director George Edwards led the Prairie View A&M University's "Marching Storm" for several years even in the face of the football team's long losing streak of 80 straight games. The band performed at the inauguration of former president George W. Bush in 2001. The British Broadcasting Corporation profiled the band in 2007.

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  2. a JSU Tiger

    a JSU Tiger Active Member

    oh well, I guess after this season Jackson State has dropped off everyone's top ten list?

  3. C-LeB28

    C-LeB28 Moderator

    Tuskegee? :retard:
  4. SUtrp96


    Yeah, "JSU is floating to the bottom of everybody's list"....
    thanks Jayr:retard:b
  5. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    Aside from JSU NOT being on the list, I am sure that most would consider this list a joke. Howard? Clark? Tuskegee? Virginia State :lmao:
  6. O'Bladerunner

    O'Bladerunner And Down!


    Man, this looks like the same list, with the same names, with the same descriptions under them that I always see....:tdown:
  7. Bengal E

    Bengal E Active Member

    I guess you gotta be invited to Obama's inaugural parade or Ellen's show to be one of the best....oh yeah or be in the 2010 Honda........I guess standards have changed... :shrugs:
  8. SUtrp96


    Standards been changed and lowered at some schools...
  9. FrostyNacho

    FrostyNacho Just another person

    i really hope you guys not taking this list as a credible source...

    Point A: look at the some of the schools listed...that right there is a dead giveaway...

    Point B: The Jukebox never marched in Obama's Inauguration parade....which leads me to believe these people really didn't do any kinda in-depth research because they were INVITED to go but didn't make the trip
  10. SUtrp96


    Why are you concern if folk are taking this poll seriously?

    We just making random comments....The only folk that are taking it seriously are the one making sure no one takes it seriously....

    Since you are here:

    Why do JSU have band members that drive ALL the way to New Orleans to watch SU and GSU band and leave the event talking trash...

    I mean seriously...

    I think JSU band is ok... sorry as hell on the field.. But I clearly don't perfer the sound of JSU over SU and I sholl have no interest in Alcorn band.

    So why in the Fugg would I hit the highway to go watch JSU and Alcorn and then leave talking noise about how much better I enjoy SU over both those bands?

    If I was from JSU and I was truly brainwashed... and thought we were BETTER than SU....

    Why in the FUG would I go see a band I clearly think I am better than battle GSU of ALL bands?!?!?

    I'll wait for your answer...

    "I already know why.. but I know you wouldn't agree"....
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  11. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    Maybe becasue we don't have a game that week and the BC is an event. Nothing wrong with going to the battle of the bands. I would probably choose to skip the batte of the bands... I am greek and I don't even like step shows... but any band dude would go to the battle of the bands/step show. It's called entertainment. Now if they were going on just a regular week...I would understand your point. What are they supposed to do...stay in their rooms? :confused:
  12. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    ..and a drive to New Orleans really ain't that far. I could see if they drove from St. Louis.
  13. SUtrp96



    No way am I travelling to see two band I KNOW I don't like... Now if I was just saying I didn't like a certain band but really in my heart I liked them a bit more than my band ...that's the only TRUE reason I would hit to road to see them go against a SORRY arse band like a Alcorn Valley or Gram...

    Just looking for some truth that's all..

  14. FrostyNacho

    FrostyNacho Just another person

    Jared, that's truly sad for real bro...

    but the reason i picked on you guys is bcuz that info is truly wrong...which discredits the actual poll

    but since you need me to answer this "all-important" question...

    the reason JSU people show up to the Buy-You Classic is the exact same reason why Jukes show up to the CCC.....they just do...for the past couple years, i've seen Jukes with their blue n' gold "S" shirt sit in the horseshoe

    the fugg kinda ish u on dude? cuz that little spaz moment you just had....*smh*

    97JSULEGEND Well-Known Member

    Shoot Sarge got Jukes all on JSU Homecoming photos a couple years back. They was following the Boom at Warmups and he took pictures of them in the Stands..
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  16. Blu Bengal

    Blu Bengal Active Member

    Everyone loves the Boom!
  17. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    This is the point you are missing. The Bayou Classic is an event. If Southern was playing UAPB in STL and JSU peeps found a way to go there to check out SU, then you might have a point. If the CCC was on the level of the Florida Classic and you had nothing else to do that weekend and you wanted to go somewhere to "kick it" for the weekend, why not go to the event?

    You are looking too far into this. SU plays every week, BR is probably closer to Jackson than NO so if you think JSU peeps are so crazy about SU, they they would be flocking down to BR. It has nothing to do with ya'll...just the BC.

    However, you also don't seem like a traveler to me so where you go and who you go to see can't be taken seriously.
  18. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    He does not go anywhere so he does not know any better. :lol: That's just like a lot of JSU people go to Alcorn games when they don't follow the team out of town of if JSU is OPEN. That does not mean we are jocking Alcorn. We just wanted something to do.. :lol:
  19. SUtrp96


    Brah.. if they are there.. they are they for a good time... more than likely they have frat there or they are from the area are there for the ladies.....

    If dude was down here to KICK it and he really didn't like neither band.... he didn't have to BUY a BATTLE of the BANDS ticket.. he could have been out on Canal or Bourbon getting drunk or some where getting laid...

    The Battle of the BANDs is just that...

    Ain't no way in HELL Im buying a ticket for some MUSIC I do not want to hear...
    Save the BULL shyt... and start speaking real man...smh
  20. SUtrp96


    Boy I done more than likely been more places than you...:lol:

    I will NOT go to a concert with ARTIST or BANDS I don't care for.....

    Now spin that TP...

    Especially when there are a TON of women outside of the place and a ton of other activities...
  21. SUtrp96


    You missing the WHOLE point!!!

    I am not speaking on the WHOLE event... cool If I was from JSU and I SERIOUSLY thought JSU was better than all bands and I seriously didn't like the 2 bands performing at the event..

    I would go to New Orleans and have a great time... I WILL not waste my money on a BOTB where I have to sit and listen to 2 bands I seriously DON't like...

    Have you ever been to the CLassic T?!?! You do know it's a WHOLE lot more going on during the times of the BOTB right?!?!
  22. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE


    There are women inside too...and I am sure that a BOB ticket ain't gonna break the bank AND it ain't like Bourbon and Canal are going anywhere. In fact, I have no interest in SU or GSU bands or a step show but I would probably be all up in there to socialize and see what it's like.

    What you need to do is... get over yourself.
  23. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    Yes, I have been to the Classic and I didn't go to the BOB but I don't see anything wrong with someone going to the BOB if they wanna go....but if I go, does that mean I like SU? Naw, that means I went.
  24. SUtrp96


    Naw ... very possible.. you have no clue of where I that one for some one with out the talent, means or money to travel...

    The WOMEN in there are in there to ENJOY either BOTH or one of those bands.... You in there with a JSU tee shirt... what you going to do?!?! Talk shyt to one of them?!?! :retard:

    That's some real game right there....

    Them same women will be out on the street with the other THOUSANDS of ladies already on the streets... SO why waste your time in there when they are more outside of there and those same ones will be leaving from out of there?!?!

    Negro... save your Fed up logic for the :retard:
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  25. SUtrp96


    TP.. you can't be this FN slow...

    Will you buy a ticket to a concert where you don't like NONE of the artist, when there is a lot of activitiy right outside of that venue?

    Answer that question with a simple yes or no and push your arse up out of here...



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