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LOL...this show is a trip. Has anyone been watching this season's episodes. Last week, Flava Flav and Brigitte Nielsen got busy. I think there's a thread somewhere on the SWACPAGE about old girl from American Idol(DL Women) It comes on VH1 on Sundays.


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Flava Flav is keeping it krunk.

Why is that New Kid of the Block cat acting OFAYISH around that chick Ryan Star (American Idol).
I dont understand a d@mn thing that Charo is saying.
The guy from Full House is serving no purpose what so ever. :lol:


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I damn near fell out when Brigitte Nelson slapped Flav and he got pissed off and smacked her arse right back!!! :lmao:

That damn New Kid Dude got issues. :retard:


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Yeah, that show is wild.....

And I know Flav has got to be poking Brigitte by now. They just won't show it on the show.... What man ISN'T gunna hit it when an amazon-like woman like Brigitte comes and gets in the bed with you (in the middle of the night), and then gets undressed under the covers... :retard:

I'm not gunna be surprised when you see Brigitte wearing Flav's gold teeth, hollin 'Yeeaahhhhh!!!!! Ha Haaaaaa!!!!!'