The Original Rapper....Tupac and Biggie Took Notes from the Brother

Dr. Sweet NUPE

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James Langston Hughes.....say what you want....the brother got lyrics. To me a poet is nothing but a rapper.



Running and Gunning
I don't see the corelation. He is a poet/author true... I would think some of the protest poets of the 60's were the forerunner of modern rap. I think about the Last Poets, Nikki Giovanni, Sonya Sanchez, even Maya Angelou. Langston Hughes is more accessible to academic types in my opinion.


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hey 98

if you like Langston, check out the Open Mic at Tha House, 428 Westheimer, every wednesday night at 8pm ($3.00 cover)

hella cool vibe that Lang would feel right at home in (we even play CLASSIC jazz)