The Most Psychopathic Characters On 'Game Of Thrones'

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My bad...

Ramsey Bolton was the most psychopathic. Heck I started reading and forgot some the "ignant" mess he did.

His Behavior:
Ramsay Bolton's time in Westeros was fraught with cruelty, deception, manipulation, and unspeakable horrors - all of which he was not only responsible for, but took pleasure in. When he subjected Theon Greyjoy to dehumanization, he didn't simply cause him anguish, he played with him as a cat plays with a mouse: knowing Theon to be lascivious, he sent two attractive women to seduce him, only to interrupt their romp by viciously emasculating Theon. Similarly, he only slayed Rickon Stark to distract and emotionally compromise Jon Snow before the Battle of the Bastards. Though Ramsay understood the emotions of his targets, he was perhaps incapable of experiencing any form of empathy himself.

In another instance of disturbing behavior, Ramsay found a young girl during a hunt, cowering in terror. After pursuing her to the point of exhaustion, he set his dogs upon her and watched in perverse pleasure as they tore her apart. This was hardly Ramsay's only instance of making women suffer: he repeatedly violated Sansa Stark during their marriage, and he only seemed to reap joy from the relationship when his wife was in misery. Many fans - as well as licensed psychologists - have concluded Ramsay may be the most psychopathic character on Game of Thrones. He exhibits observable evidence of sexual sadism disorder, sadistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and psychopathy.

How Accurate Is It?
The definition of sexual sadism disorder stipulates the subject can only achieve sexual gratification for themselves by inflicting mental or physical anguish on their partner. While sexual sadism disorder isn't indicative of psychopathy on its own, it is only one aspect of Ramsay's psyche as seen on the show.
Ramsay's enjoyment of others' suffering - even if his cruel actions don't benefit him in any way - is another indicator of psychopathy. As his father displayed similar behaviors, some theorize Ramsay's potential disorder could have genetic links. After successfully capturing Winterfell, Ramsay's heritage was legitimized when his father granted him the surname "Bolton" to replace the region's surname for bastards, Snow. As such, Ramsay's father was the only person whose judgment truly affected him. His adherence to his father's conditioning - without regard for anyone else's opinions - may also demonstrate antisocial personality disorder. With all of these symptoms combined, his potential for psychopathic affliction seems clear.