The future of MEAC baseball

atl hornet

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Has anyone heard anything on the status of MEAC baseball? They only have 4 member schools that actually fields a team. Should they all join another conference, or invite smaller HBCUs?


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If they wanna keep the MEAC in tact, I would just play an independent schedule like SCSU does in soccer until they figure out which of the prospective members they wanna add (VSU, KSU, Chicago State?)


Chicago State doesn't play baseball, and they shouldn't be invited to the conference anyway. Lots of extra travel cost for a school that isn't good at any sport.

If I were the four remaining baseball schools, I would try and join another conference as a baseball only affiliate. The Patriot League only has six baseball playing teams, America East has eight (for now, Hartford is leaving D1) and so does the Northeast.