The Boys: Amazon Original Series


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I didn't know what to expect when I saw it drop but I like this show.

'The Boys': Regular Dudes Try To Take Down Corrupt Superheroes In Amazon's New Series

If the Marvel wholesomeness is losing its appeal, The Boys might be the show for you.

Amazon's Take On Superheroes
On July 26, a new kind of superhero show hit Amazon. The Boys, an adaptation of the darkly comedic comic book series, hit the streaming series and offered fans of the genre a new take on superpowers. Namely, that having them is not always good.

Not Exactly The Avengers
The Boys' band of super, The Seven, may look like the Avengers or the Justice League, but they certainly missed the memo on heroism and using one's powers for good.

If you've ever wondered what Superman or Captain America would be like if they were homicidal maniacs driven by capitalism run amuck, look no further than Homelander.

Fans Are Digging It
It just hit Amazon, but the show is already blowing up online and fans are digging this very dark (definitely not one for the kiddos) take on superheroes. If you're suffering from superhero fatigue, The Boys might be the cure that you're looking for.