The Big Ten, Pac12 & SEC has moved to a conference only schedule


They are doing it in all Fall Sports. Notre Dame may be in trouble as other conferences may follow their lead.

I read an article where the ACC commissioner stated they would likely take care of Notre Dame (play them) if they move to a Conference only schedule. I think ND has 6 ACC games on their schedule.

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People dont want to wear masks - this is what happens when you listen to politicians over medical people for your health.

Expect season cancellation


Well, it looks like I will enjoy a long football season from September through May (if the lord says the same)......LOL


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The Southeastern Conference will play a 10-game, conference-only schedule in the upcoming football season, sources confirmed to ESPN on Thursday

The season will start Sept. 26 with a conference championship game set for Dec. 19
The SEC became the fourth Power 5 conference this month to alter its schedule in order to provide more flexibility during the coronavirus pandemic, joining the Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC. The Big Ten and Pac-12 previously said they would also play a conference-only schedule. The Pac-12 is expected to announce the specific details of its plan on Friday.



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I think I will go out on a limb and say that at least 1 FBS conference will do the smart thing and join the SWAC playing spring football because the moment someone tests positive during the football, they are getting flamed

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On a call with SEC leaders, worried football players pushed back: ‘It’s not good enough’

In a private meeting with conference leaders and medical advisors, several football players raised concerns about their safety, only to be told that positive cases on their teams were a “given.”

By Robert Klemko and Emily Giambalvo
Uh huh I was saying that fall over the edge of Corona cliff ain't looking too good. Some of these players done started thinking about killing off their families while trying to play some football.
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