I believe it depends on what part of the state if we're talking about the south. I am from the southern part of Louisiana and do not like that humid heat in places like New Orleans and Houston. The other thing I don't like about that tropical climate is the abundance of mosquitoes. IMHO, the drier heat with less humidity in North Georgia/Atlanta though hot, is not as bad. If you go down to South Georgia/Savannah, Alabama/Mobile, Mississippi/Gulport-Biloxi etc., like South Texas & South Louisiana close to the gulf, same story humid as hell.


I'm 'Citrix SSO' batch!!!
I will visit Amarillo on next time, and visit that steakhouse.

If you don't want to spend $72 on your dinner, don't take the challenge.

That "Big Texan steak challenge" ain't no joke..

I've been to Amuh-rilluh a few times for work and have been to the Big Texan three times.. I've seen a few attempt it and fail......

It's worth going, just for the atmosphere...

And the food is good. Steaks are off the chain... But don't get the chocolate cake.