Texas Southern receives 90 Million for Capital Improvement Projects


The Texas Senate just passed Senate Bill 52 to fund construction projects at universities around the state. I fought to add $90 million dollars for capital improvement projects at Texas Southern University. I could not be more proud of this legislation, although the amount of money is not nearly enough to cover all of Texas Southern's actual needs, it is a start and an acknowledgment by the Senate that TSU is an important state institution in dire need of funding for improvements.

TSU is a key part of the fabric of Senate District 13 that has long been neglected by the state. With new leadership on the board and at the university, now was the time to get an infusion of dollars to fix many long-standing problems with TSU's infrastructure.

The money in SB 52 will allow:

$40 million in much needed building renovations and improvements around campus where pipes can't hold pressure, electrical circuits are prone to explode and classrooms flood every time it rains.

$22.8 million for the complete renovation of the Nabrit Science Building where less than half of the building is currently used because of health and safety issues.

$30 million for the Cuney Homes Health and Wellness Center which will provide much needed health care services in the community while providing incredible learning experiences to TSU students.

$2.4 million to improve signage and lighting around the university to help the people better navigate the campus and improve campus security.

I am proud of this bill, this is only the beginning of our fight for TSU. It s now up to the Texas House to pass this critical legislation. The Governor added this issue to the all of the special session, so I hope the House can help bring TSU some of the equity we need.

Keep the Faith, Keep the Fight!

Senator Borris L. Miles


Actually, the total is 94 million. Four million from the legislative regular session and ninety from the special session.


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This is great but we also need to focus on giving more free money to economically disadvantaged students. UT and other schools in Texas offer free tuition to poor families and we need to do the same. Most of our students are from poor families.

Our campus looks better than ever but it means nothing if most students are dropping out due to their inability to pay for it. The cost of TSU is CRAZY ... I know I couldn't afford it now! We need more funds to provide scholarships to deserving low income students RIGHT NOW!