Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don't Know Me (Showtime Documentary)


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So today I watched two documentaries that everyone has been talking about. The first one was the one about Sam Cooke on Netflix. I learned a little bit more about him. Fascinating....yeah, the energy I discern from his circle of close friends, he really could have been set up...but this Teddy Documentary...very well put together....lots of stuff I didn't know either. Things that stood out:

His manager/lover that was shot and killed <---I knew nothing about that...man that was crazy.....Philly Black Mafia Involved??? Could he have been responsible? Don't want to think it but sheesh....

His troubles with the Philly Police/$500,000 lawsuit <---didn't know it was that deep...Philly Police that bad huh?

The trouble that he had with the breaks in his cars (The Rolls Royce & The Corvette) <---feels so much like a set up, seems like he had some real haters going back to his Howard Melvin and The Blue Note days.....he seemed to be very confident and could easily rub someone the wrong way...

Nevertheless, what a remarkable talent he was...he fought till the very end...much respect
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