T-Mobile shows why it’s still too early to buy a 5G phone

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T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network launches on Friday, the company announced Monday morning.

It’s still a big step, though.

T-Mobile will turn on its 600 Mhz 5G network that will cover most of the country. That’s impressive, since most of the 5G networks you’ve heard about so far are only available in limited areas in a small number of cities. The trade-off though, is T-Mobile’s network is using low-band 5G, which means it’s good at providing slightly boosted speeds inside buildings and is available in far more places than what competitors offer.

Some of the 5G Ultra Wideband networks you’ve heard about from AT&T and Verizon provide the opposite. They have super fast speeds, but only work in really small pockets when you’re standing near a tower outside. PCMag says you can expect a boost of about 50 Mbps with T-Mobile’s new nationwide 5G network. So, you might see 150Mbps if you have a new 5G phone instead of the 100 Mbps download speed you have on 4G LTE.