SWAC football press conference – Week 3


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It had already been reported on! There was no "confirmed" update on the case, so why report on it again the day before Media Day unless there was an agenda?--i.e. cancel out a positive event with a negative news article to minimize the positive.

I wouldn't expect you to understand this however!
Bruh, some people just like the aroma of "Stirred Up Shit".


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So what you are saying is, you don't personally know that the story was inaccurate, but because J-State said it was, that's all that matters, right?

Has nothing to do with what JSU said. The article was just flat out inaccurate period which is why it should not have been reported at that time until they got actual facts. And I’m speaking from what I know personally dealing with parties involved.

Kenn Rashad

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Na, just replying to your childish ass antics. I would expect better from you but this is the bullshit you’re known for.

Have a great day and be blessed 😂
Well, this is a message board. And if you want to akin yourself to children, so be it. It's a free country.


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That's between Quay, the accuser and the lawyers. It's a private issue and honestly, should have remained private without media involvement given the circumstances.
Was he charged with a crime? Is he on probation? If so, then it's a public matter and not between Quay, the accuser and State of wherever he was charged.

I know these dying print newspapers are always looking for hit jobs on HBCUs....