Swac Cheerleaders - Photo Gallery

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by Fiyah, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Fiyah

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    This is a photo gallery by Edison Hogan that was in black sports the magazine.


    Swac Cheerleaders
  2. Fiyah

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  3. DallasCowboyGirl

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    Some of those pictures are of our pole dancers....I I mean the sensations dance team and they are not cheerleaders!:D
  4. J-State2DaPoint

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    aye aye aye, cut'em some slack DCG lol, in the pics it appears that the Sensations wear clothes now.
    Is that some of your doing? lol

    I saw them ONCE, in the flesh.
    back in 2004. (Back when JSU had the bleachers sitting along the court.)
    they showed up at JSU's AAC wearing only black bras, black panties, and black knee pads.

    and they ___________________ whew, :D
    Turned it OUT! Strip club style! :lol:
    I'm talking about BET's UNCUT style!

    They had their very own little JSU fan club sitting behind them.

    :noidea: And they've never been back since then. I blame DCG! :lecture:

    SN: there are some Beautiful Sisters on our swac cheer squads! :tup:
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  6. Warndalyn

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    Way to geaux, sharpy...:tup:
  7. EB

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    This is very true.
  8. CriTAUcal

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    :lol: You are so crazy!
  9. pvdogteam

    pvdogteam Who ya rootin' for? PVU

  10. Devil's Gun Trigger Man

    Devil's Gun Trigger Man onward and upward son!

    UAPB got some redbone winners :kiss:
  11. pbla

    pbla Focus

    Great shots Sharpy!
  12. MACKG


    They sure do. And the sensations from Texas Southern are on point as well



    Great, one of our head cheerleader made the cover!!:clap::clap:

    HORNETSWARM Well-Known Member

    Sharpy, where are you with the water in the background. It looks like a place of complete "serenity".
  15. sharpy

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    Thanks for all the comments.
    Hornetswarm I was in St. Lucia.

    HORNETSWARM Well-Known Member

    Thanks :tup:
  17. sharpy

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