SWAC Basketball Scores Feb 21-25, 2021


"Eye Of The Tiger"
Sunday: JSU Football - Intro to Prime Era

Monday: JSU Basketball (double header). NBA tv’s first ever HBCU Basketball broadcast w/a Special pre-game performance by the Sonic BOOM! #Sekou

Wednesday: JSU to host & close out First Take’s HBCU Tour.
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"Eye Of The Tiger"
I guess everything JSU does has to be announced now.

just say you’re jealous & move on. Every school post announcements of TV games or games that are broadcasted period. And to be honest we’re not posting all the news on here but I’ll be sure to do that starting today. 😎 You might want to just sign off and come back after May.

would you have been better had the post only been about NBAtv? LOL I see we gotta baby y’all cause the emotions are high.

Kenn Rashad

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... but let the post be about Ken telling a bold face lie about Deion blocking him. Y’all musty asses be in here eating it up lol You negroes are worse than the poor whites during Jim Crow.
Kenn never said he was blocked by Deion. You don't need to make shit up just to make a point. You are winning on this thread. Stay focused.

Carry on

This thread is proof that J-State hasn't been relevant for years until now. Negros losing their damn minds about being streamed on ESPN3.
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The more shit alums talk gott dammit the more it raises my lust. Where my damned Jergens lotion at? Shit.

Y'all up in here making my lil' bitty pecker duro. :D lol


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JSU you have a fine women’s coach she’s doing an outstanding job pacing the sidelines for your women’s program.

Keep yo eyes in your head mister!


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Williams is gonna get hers. If you can slow down the teammates, you stand a chance. Grambling couldnt do it down the stretch