Supreme Court rules against Trump’s bid to end program shielding ‘Dreamer’ immigrants


THEE Realist
I really like Judge Sonia Sotomayor's opinion. Intelligent lady. news-n-coffee.gif 1f44d.png

Sotomayor drew a clear line between President Donald Trump’s history of remarks against Mexicans and immigrants and the administration's position on DACA. She wrote that “something other than questions about the legality of DACA” was behind the administration’s decision to end the program.

The president’s words, in her view, provided important context. Trump has called Mexican immigrants “people with lots of problems” “the bad ones,” and “criminals, drug dealers and rapists,” and compared undocumented immigrants to “animals," she wrote.

The decision to end the DACA program, Sotomayor stated, was “contaminated by the impermissible discriminatory animus” —and she called out her colleagues for not acknowledging this.