SU Nursing School 100% Passage FNP Certifications 2020


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I think, they can do it. But, they will need the private funding. Because, the state is not about to pay for two schools in Baton Rouge.
There is not a medical school in the city of Baton Rouge at either of the state universities, but there are two public law schools.


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Thanks. I thought LSU had a medical school? My apologies.
LSU does have two med schools (NOLA and Shreveport. Tulane is the other one but it's private.
If my people at SU was smart and thinking outside of the box they would do a private/public partnership with FRAN.U formally Our Lady of the Lake College in BR.
The school works with the Lady of Lake Hospital System The partnership would benefit both parties, public funding SU and private funding Fran U. with a direct funding source that Our Lady of the Lake Hospital nor Fran U would not get which is public sector from SU/HBCU.

This will give SU the autonomy public/private to by pass the Board of Regents on a lot of red tape, which would say no because of LSU med schools.
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I have long felt SU should add more health programs even a med school.

Believe it or not, but there has been whispers within the last 4 years or so of a medical school in BR but run by Southern University. Some, however, have questioned whether the state of Louiisiana would establish a med school run by a hbcu.