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    A TV station in Mississippi recently did a story on the state of the SWAC. Watch it here
  2. JSU2000

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    You mean to tell me Valley don't have the resources to cut the grass. :noidea: NO SMACK just saying WoW!! Man I feel sorry for all our schools. Question, how do we find solutions?


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    Elect better politicians by voting regularly. Stop playing cards, drinking alcohol and playing dominoes on election day under a tree and go the polls.:slap:
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  4. JagHammer

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    Yes, this can help out. Be informed and vote in all elections.
  5. southsuburbs

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  6. JAG89


    Also, make sure the politicians you elect, has your school best interest at heart. LSU people were fooled into believing that Piyush "Bobby" Jindal had their best interest at heart, but came to realize that Piyush was against ALL public institutions, which includes LSU. One good thing I did like about Ole Piyush, he definitely didn't discriminate when it came to State funded institutions. From schools to hospitals to prisons, that fool gutted every state funded public institution in order to setup his conservative buddies private firms. Although Louisiana will probably elect another Republican governor, I bet they would never elect another extreme right-wing conservative governor like Piyush again.
  7. number1

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    That's what was comedic about the whole situation. Those LSU folks just knew he was the right governor for them, and then once he got re-elected for that 2nd term, he showed them. lol
  8. JAG89


    He really started in his first term, but they were too blind to see that his mission was to completely defund public education. It took them 5 to 6 years to eventually realize that defunding LSU was part of that mission, which is why Jindal pushed LSU's board to fire the system president for fighting against his and the legislature cuts.

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  9. The Founder

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    ****** Jindal (taking a note from Tiger Pride) set Louisiana back 20 years. Failing schools...public education gutted....cutting education programs in prisons....and he has a personal vendetta against the City of Grambling.

    As far as the SWAC....our Presidents are really at fault because they fail to see that SWAC Schools cannot operate in the historical manner that they did in the past. Closed admissions caused a dramatic problem because enrollment dropped, thereby causing public schools to lean on the state. We have to market our universities and REQUIRE our professors to conduct research.

    The other issue is being top heavy. We can no longer have 5 and 6 VPs, 10 associate VPs, folks getting freebies on football trips, etc....
  10. jsupop33

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    Govt can't solve everything. Sometimes, we have to grow. Valley needs to double their enrollment. They have been shrinking the last few years.
  11. number1

    number1 Well-Known Member

    It is all in his plan to rid the state of social programs(public education, etc..). I could write a book on what Jindal is trying to do. lol
  12. JAG89


    You are so correct, but when politicians start redirecting monies that was meant for public education to benefit private institutions, it makes it kind of hard for any public school to double their enrollment, unless they switch to being private. Would you recommend Valley to become a private institution?
  13. Newspaperman

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    Before you guys label me a JSU homer, just hear me out: Valley has an enrollment of around 2,000 students which is the lowest of any state-supported university in Mississippi. If that number continues to decrease, in my opinion, the school will have no other option but to at least consider moving down to Division-II. Most SWAC schools -- even larger schools like JSU and Alabama State -- depend solely on state appropriations and student fees. And if enrollment at MVSU continues to take a turn for the worse, I'm sorry but it won't have any other option but to drastically cut costs.

    The truth is that there are too many HBCUs in Mississippi. Alcorn, MVSU, JSU, Rust College and Tougaloo College.......MVSU is fighting against all of those schools, including local community colleges, for its students. All of these schools cannot survive.

    When it comes to recruiting students, Valley is at a tremendous disadvantage. First off, they're in the most poverty stricken area in the United States. So a large percentage of students -- especially males -- are not graduating high school.

    Let me break it down for you regarding who Valley primarily targets:

    1. A black Mississippi high school senior who graduated with a worthy GPA
    2. A black Mississippi high school senior who graduated with a worthy GPA and has interest in attending an HBCU
    3. A black Mississippi high school senior who graduated with a worthy GPA, has interest in attending a HBCU and does not want to attend Alcorn, JSU, Rust, Tougaloo or a community college.

    That's probably less than 2 percent of all high school seniors in the state of Mississippi.

    Again, don't send the dogs after me, Valley fans. The truth is where change begins.
  14. JAG89


    Rust College and Tougaloo College are private institutions. Are they thriving under Mississippi conservative anti-government administration?
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  15. jsupop33

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    Hell Nall... Tougaloo got financial issues and Rust has a 30% default rate. It has a higher default rate than graduation rate
  16. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    Brother, shrinking enrollments aren't going to cut it. Even with the funding cuts, JSU and Alcorn have grown our enrollments.
  17. JAG89


    How would you suggest that Valley increase their enrollment since you have some knowledge of how things work in Mississippi? As long as I can remember, Valley has always been one of the smaller schools in the SWAC.
  18. tierre

    tierre Well-Known Member

    It used to be
    (1) MS State
    (2) USM
    (3) Ole Miss
    (4) JSU
    (5) Delta St.
    (6) MVSU
    (7) Alcorn
    (8) MUW


    (1) MS State - 20,400
    (2) Ole Miss - 18,200
    (3) USM - 16,600
    (4) JSU - 8,900
    (5) Delta St. - 4,600
    (6) Alcorn - 4,000
    (7) MUW - 2,600
    (8) MVSU - 2,400
  19. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    10 years ago, we had like 1500 less students that USM, they left us in the dust. There is no reason JSU shouldn't have over 10000 students right now.
  20. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    Same way everyone else grows during budget cuts. Become innovative. Change recruiting methods, change some of your programs up to appeal to a segment. Also, develop more online programs. I don't want Valley to go under or drop down but I don't think the current trend will be sustainable. However, they are not the only ones in the state with issues. JSU was prepared to cut programs 3 years ago. The state decided for some reason to invest in us though. Rust College will be dead soon.
  21. GramblingMan2009

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    Valley needs to cut the football program, this way they a can strengthen their basketball program and other sports. I know football is king in the south, but sometimes you need to evaluate your situation and decide what's best for the university. and if you look at the SWAC, most schools are doing extremely well, JSU is now the 2nd most research intensive HBCU, Alabama State campus is a sight to behold, PV is about to build a new stadium in the next 3-4 years, TSU is increasing their enrollment and graduation rate, Dr Brown has turned Alcorn into a modern example of how to run a public HBCU, Dr Mason and Lloens SUBR is reviving excitement on the Bluff even in the mist of budget cuts and UAPB now coming into its own. The only schools I see that's really struggling are Grambling, Valley and AAMU and that's from bad leadership. AAMU should be fighting like hell to get the same funding Alabama State is getting and Grambling needs a new president with some fresh ideas
  22. the band fan

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    Bama State has their own board as I assume Alabama A&M answers to a board with multiple schools so hence the disparity and the quickness to get things done.

    Same with TSU as if their board wanted to do a building spree, pay crazy salaries they set, and buy 100 acres, they can do so very quickly as opposed to schools in a system that relies on a board that meets quarterly.
  23. Tigerpride

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    I think they are expecting about 10K this year. Definitely more than we had last year. The administration seems to be trying to figure out how to handle the projected enrollment numbers. We shall see in a few months if all the students show up.
  24. J C

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    Not true TBF. A&M and Bama State both have independent boards of trustees. Bama State grads were/are in powerful political positions in state government. Plus, ASU is located in the capital city with a stronger lobbying contention and a more political active community. That is the reason for the funding discrepancy between the two state supported HBCUs.

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  25. the band fan

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    Who is on A&M's board? You hear nothing about them but everything about asu

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