Start a private forum for the Cookman Delegation


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Do you have a suggestion for the forum's name?
BCU Destruction..... a group of wildcats is called a destruction.

Who will ascend to the top of the mountain?.... phrase said during pregame

Cookman Roundup..... a play off the site BCU roundup an old site that was dedicated to all things BCU

BCU Titletown...2015 BCU athletics did a piece on the team and its winning ways called the gold standard


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<---being noisy while drinking some water

@smcdiesel y'all hadn't even got in the building yet and some folks messing with ya. Hurry up and assemble your crew (snickering) so y'all can have a forum and really experience some SWAC love up in this joint.
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Yall can actually use Valley's forum since it's only one here. Mr Blue Font himself. I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing the forum with you all. He'll probably enjoy the company.


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Yall wouldn't mind it being called the Valley of the devil until get yall own, would ya? Yall wouldn't have to sell yall souls or nothing. Just use it temporarily.