Speaking Words of Peace and Covering for Everyone...


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Unfortunately, violence has always been a part of our society since the beginning of time. Sometimes it is necessary (in defense or when facing oppression). Yet in the cases that I am specifically referring to, it is senseless. While many of us have been blessed to obtain a lifestyle that is affluent and dwell in communities that are safer than others, we know that it doesn't guarantee that nothing won't ever happen. At this moment, I find myself disturbed by continuous news and reports of senseless and deadly violence in areas that I know of with the kinds of people that I have spent my life serving. I just wish it would end. It just seems to never stop. I wish that I could just snap my fingers and I would see no more reports of people I feel connected to dying without the opportunity to live out dreams and/or carry out plans for their lives. My anxiety increases when I consider the fact that my own children are even closer to leaving home and having to live in this world on their own as well. All I can do for is speak into this universe words of covering and safety while staying on my purpose and helping whomever I can to the best of my abilities.

"So If there be any strong disagreements between anyone, I speak that issues will be resolved and no negative feelings and energies will linger. May actions be guided and overtaken by mercy & love so that there will be peace in the homes and communities for all that sees and read this." (Scriptural Basis: Psalm 46)
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