Southern University's Junior Day

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by SUjagTILLiDIE, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

  2. JagHammer

    JagHammer Senior Troll

    I love how we're coming out swinging. This will pay off soon. :tup: :happydance:

  3. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

    Coach Mitchell and Coach Germany did a excellent job putting this thing together. :)
  4. JagHammer

    JagHammer Senior Troll

    I would be in favor of bringing him back, because of programs like this. Now, if we can win on the field...
  5. Jag-BR

    Jag-BR Go Jags!!!!!!

    OMFG. :eek: :eek:

    I went to my old school and a coach with a SU shirt came up to the car and spoke. I didn't even know it was Coach Germany. :lmao: :lmao:

    I'm surprised to see Jeryl name on that list.
  6. Panther88

    Panther88 Banned

    Smart. Very smart. Way to put the name of the brand on those minds who'll be srs this fall.
    Great leverage over other potential suitors. Jealousy on this side of the keyboard but no hate. Kudos to staff for putting it on.:tup:
  7. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Stump is organized and he works hard. If it can translate to wins on the field then it will be all good.

    I also think our new AD is going to be very aggressive as well. Young and full of energy with new ideas.
  8. SU Jag 79

    SU Jag 79 Jaguar ALUM

    I absolutely love it. It's time we start letting the rest of the state know we aren't just gonna allow you to have free reign here. And the kids from out of state as well.

    Good job Stump and Chad.
  9. JagGrad

    JagGrad Well-Known Member

    Great work Coaches!!!!

    Wins on the Gridiron.... and We're good to go!!!

    Also, Look to see aggressive "selling" as Dr. Broussard gets going!! Looking for to more positives out of SU Athletics!!
  10. Journalist

    Journalist Listen up maggots! And that's an order!

    We (the SWAC) should have been doing this a loooooooong time ago.

    That list right there is a damned good list of rising seniors...
  11. Panther88

    Panther88 Banned

    Preach. 35+ yrs overdue :read:
  12. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

    Probably due to lack of finances. But Chad went and got the funds :tup: . I love the direction SU is headed to after the suffering LaFleur put us thru.
  13. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    Good luck to SU and Stump. Stump really ain't that bad. SU just doesn't have any talent right now. The kids play hard for Stump. Our kids played hard for Bell for half a season and quit on him.
  14. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

    I don't know who told you that lie. SU was just young. Although SU will still be young, we won't be as young :) .
  15. Panther88

    Panther88 Banned

    They R talented TP :smh:. 3 schools I keep up with: SU, GSU, & PVU.
  16. 96lioness

    96lioness For the 14 sisters at my church that survived!



    Good stuff, SU! I expect the Jags to be back on top this fall......*sighs*........
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  17. J C

    J C Well-Known Member

    They have a good foundation from last year's team, continuity on their coaching staff, and good young talent. So does Bama State. Bama State's staff has been out recruiting and evaluating high school juniors this week. Their main recruiting tool over the last two years has been 7 on 7 camps ran throughout the summer. It's working.
  18. 96lioness

    96lioness For the 14 sisters at my church that survived!

    I don't doubt that J C; I really think the Jags will be on point this fall......I was just fascinated by something else......
  19. Jax

    Jax Equal Opportunity Asshole!

    I see a couple of good kids from Denham Springs, U High and SMHS, where Former SU QB Eric Randall now coaches. Props to Mitchell and Germany for doing this.
  20. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

    A couple of our former high school classmates have kids on that list. We are getting old lol.
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  21. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    Bruh, ya'll have a decent first string. Beyond's over. That ain't real talent. That's why you can hang in the early season. If JSU played you in mid to late October, you would be so blown out. Your first string can't even win games so they need help to but what you really need is some depth on the squad. You all are like Alcorn under Dr. Johnny. He was good the first half of the season but once injuries and fatigue to the first string set in, he would struggle the rest of the way.
  22. ravel74

    ravel74 Active Member

    I actually agree. No more prop 48 kids for depth.
  23. JROCK

    JROCK Preeminent

    Jsu hasn't had depth for years. Hell you all have only won one championship in 15 years. Jsu is a legend in their own mind. The worse part about all of this is AAMU and Bama State has been making you all out of sissies for 14 years. That is an insult and should be enough to make your program commit suicide.
  24. Jax

    Jax Equal Opportunity Asshole!

    This is why 99.9% of the folks on here say you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about football. Seriously.
  25. Jax

    Jax Equal Opportunity Asshole!

    Saw that. :lol:

    Forgot Valdez is HC at W St John and Signater at McK.

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