Southern University Homecoming


Jaguar Nation
Who: BgJag & Family & Friends
What: Breakfast & Tailgating
Where: 1003 Swan Avenue
When: Breakfast, prior to homecoming parade.
tailgating: approx 3:00
drinks: all day

P.S. Will post more details nlt Firday, with the current world events ongoing it's difficul for me to plan anything pass 24 hours since I'm on call.



Jaguar Nation
It's a go!

Everything is still on. I'll be off the net around 11:00 on Friday until next week. Haven't heard anything from the Dogpound. Nations members use the forum.


Ace Dawg! RQQ!!!!

I'm sure MD will find his way over. He never misses an opprotunity to meet SWACPAGERS. See ya in the morning.