Southern Heritage Classic 2020 Canceled


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I don't think the rivalry Classics will happen this year (or in '21) as schools opt to play home and home for 2 years in order to keep the games scheduled, but can still generate gate revenue. That'd soften the financial blow, but all onus & liability for playing these games fall squarely on the universities then. Question is do they want to take that risk?


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I'm so confused why people say they should move the SHC or play just conference games when there's a genuine health threat for many no matter where the games are ... like get real, it doesn't end outside Memphis. As I said before they just need to cancel the fall season or move it to Spring 2021 when the COVID-19 numbers are expected to be down and more controlled.

And you can't look at protests and say well social distancing has ended. Corporations and universities will be liable and threatened with lawsuits if massive public gatherings facilitated by them turns out to be public health disasters. Protestors have nobody to sue or hold accountable for getting infected or sick but themselves.

Also the World Health Organization (WHO) said alcohol makes people more susceptible for COVID-19. I never been to a college or pro sporting event where high levels of alcohol wasn't being consumed by most in attendance (myself included).

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Southern Heritage Classic canceled, believed to be first college football game called off due to COVID-19

The Southern Heritage Classic, the annual matchup between Tennessee State and Jackson State played at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis, will officially not take place.

It is believed to be the first 2020 college football game canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

All events associated with the game played between the two historically black universities have also been canceled. The game was scheduled for Sept. 12.

In a press release, event organizers pointed to the Shelby County Health Department’s “emergency relief efforts put in place to address COVID-19, specifically those regarding recreational or athletic activities.”

“The health and safety of our attendees along with that of our staff, sponsors, and others is a top priority,” said Fred Jones, the event’s founder. “I encourage everyone to keep practicing safety and social distancing measures so that we can return to our usual activities as soon as possible.”


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People don't want to say it, but we really need to start coming to grips with the fact that any possibility of college football this fall, especially at our resource level, is remote.


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When college football returns, Saturdays at the Rock won't look the same.

The Southern Miss athletic department is putting together a plan for fans to enter into stadiums in a safe and secure manner for the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Athletic director Jeremy McClain said the university's health department is assisting in the effort.

Social distance capacity
The capacity at M.M Roberts Stadium is 36,000. With the social distancing rules put in place today, McClain said the limit for attendance would stand at about 30%, which would be 10,800.

Common fan spacing
The common fan spaces at Southern Miss home games would look different, too. The current plan for social distancing guidelines in concession, ticket and bathroom lines will mirror many of the markers of what consumers see today in grocery and retail stores.

McClain said an ideal situation for football student-athletes to get back on campus and back in shape would be July.

The university’s current plan is to have summer courses all online and open up buildings in the fall.



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I think this is premature, But I do understand that the Virus is the excuse and not the lone reason. IF USC Vs Alabama cancel in Jerry World Cancel at that point we have a problem.. But currently. not 2 Months ago, currently these schools still plan on playing at full capacity.
With that said why are we? Some of us have pre existing conditions, that group cant go any where. But the entire community cant shut down.. A whole dang million Man march is planned in DC the week before Football that was organized last week.


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It's not just the football game though, there are concerts, step shows, comedy shows, etc. in which promoters have to pay the performers and staff. May as well cancel rather than sign contracts and then have to make arrangements later.
Exactly! I think people tend to forget how many folks will come to a city for just the events surrounding a classic. That's why I think the SHC decided to cancel this year. I still think that If both ADs at JSU & TN State can work together then I think that the GAME itself could be played at Nissan Stadium in Nashville or at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Jackson. B/c of COVID, it would only be safe to play the game.

For the game, you’ll just have to follow social distancing protocols. Depending on capacity measures, the game could still sell 20,000 - 30,000 tickets. (Protocol Various from state to state).


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I suspect we will not have a season in 2020.
You may be correct! The earliest I estimate things will be back to Normal will be Fall 2021 if all goes well with the Vaccine trials and production. If there is a Vaccine approved by the end of the year (being very optimistic) then immunizations will start with Healthcare Workers, First Responders and High Risk individuals followed by the general population. At present the vaccine is felt to be one where the individual will receive 2 injections 30 days apart with effective Antibody titers probably developing 3-4 weeks later. So mass vaccinations will probably be well underway in Spring/Summer 2021...
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Look these crazies are gonna play. Maybe not the swac but Clemson? they don't care about no corona virus. they aren't wearing a mask & they're going to all their events. besides.... it's only killing black people (that's the quiet part they don't say out loud that explains why they really don't care).

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Smart move.

they should really move things to the Spring Or cancel the seasons altogether. Also, every university should go to online programs until further notice.

Rural areas with colleges are going to be ghost towns if colleges return. Dead bodies everywhere. The only winners are the funeral homes.
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Not surprised about this happening because of safety & health concerns, etc. I really wonder what happens to the Detroit Football Classic, MEAC / SWAC Challenge & Magic City Classic now?
TVsports....with Jeff County county numbers at 2700 & growing cases the Classic is cancelled...Woodfin ain't going for that...he seems to have alot of common sense for the most part.