So y'all still spending big money on Valentine's day?


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I can't believe in 2020 folks are still spending big money on this day. How dumb and useless.
On a serious note, I agree with you. And I feel the exact same way about most holidays. If you really think about it, most holidays are dumb and useless. But I understand, whats dumb and useless to you and I, is very important to other people. And we can't tell other people how to spend their money. Well, holidays are good for the economy.


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My problem is the dudes running around here talking about my wife or girl will leave me if I don't get them anything for Valentine's day. My thoughts is by. Let the door hit your azz of you that artificial. Valentine's day should be all the time not measured on some punk day. It is a day for dudes who don't do it any other time. Just saying.


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Aye bruh I feel you. One of my boys and one of his partners are married to sisters. Their wives are Jehovah's. They said they married them so they don't have to celebrate holidays. Lol
Now that's a chess move if I have ever seen one. LOL!!! I never thought about it that way.
The ones I know of try to get around that by waiting until the day after to celebrate!