Should Alcorn Replace JSU as One of the Big 3 in Football or Should We Say "Big 4"

The Founder

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Should Alcorn replace JSU as one of the Big 3 in Football or should we utilize the term "Big 4"

This should be good.....LOL

JSU you need to come present your case.


The Truth
Po flounders..... this man can’t even spell “replace” to smack correctly... flounders it’s basketball / bowl season ... let us JSU folks rest.... please ... I know you been working hard to keep us relevant... but it’s beyond obsession at this pt... get help please. We praying for you.


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Annie Mae should drop down. How many years has we had this discussion? And how many years has they've been relevant? They shouldnt even be in this thread. There's nothing "Big" about them.

Annie Mae aka the " Small" Cheerleading Champion.

atl hornet

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Look at all y’all fighting over football lmao

Meanwhile, we at Bama State have the best ALL AROUND athletic department.



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Flounder, I aint even about to read this topic but you SO DUMB to be an old school person. When did we ever get a Big 3 in Football? I hope someone else corrected this... cause Lawd... smh

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Since Grambling's football program is in the red and clearly cannot function properly, they should be removed from the Big 3 effective immediately. The 3rd spot will simply remain vacant.