Senior Citizens and New Technology...LMAO!!!!

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This is some funny stuff.

So this older guy at church buys stuff and then I usually have to program it and everything. He purchased a 2020 of the line pick up. LMAO!!!!! He was pissed because he had knobs to navigate stuff, the navigation...he can talk to it. This dude said...."hey tell me how to get to the next blues concert." I'm like "it doesn't work like that."

He then says "eff it. you figure it out."

So I show him the basics. He has an XM Radio so I program the stations. He wanted all blues stations which was cool. He then starts watching Youtube videos of blues concerts on his iphone. So you know how commercials interrupt. He starts cussing, "got dammit what happened to BB." I'm like, "that's a commercial." He says, "well I don't wanna see no got damn commercial I wanna se BB nem....oh wait it's back."

"Hey this truck got everything why it don't have a cigarette lighter." Me, "They making vehicles smokeless." He responds, "me smoking ain't nobody's business." So I respond, "but you don't smoke." He says, "look that's beside the point. Truck got every damn thing else."

I tell him, "say hey Siri." He says "who the hell is that." I respond, "just say it." He says, "hey serious, I mean sarina...naw Siren...oh shit Siri."

So after two hours he finally learned how to turn the windshield wipers on, air condition, heat, you know the bare nessesities. He then says, "you know when I die you can have this truck."

Moral of the the the way he called me last night and he asked why did it take 3 minutes for his head lights to turn off.

Anybody else have funny stories....

I'm not even going to tell the stories about my mom. She purchased a 2019 Lincoln SUV.....that would take up too much bandwidth. LMAO!!!!
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Man look.... :( I bought mom her first cordless phone (landline). She never really trusted them, for whatever reason. I came to pick her up just prior to a hurricane hitting south texas and she packed the cordless phone with her in her purse.

When we arrived in the dfw metro, she took the cordless phone out to make a phone call. I damned near swerved and hit a guardrail on ih35e north lol. I had tears in my eyes like crazy as I tried to explain to her the diffs betwixt a landline connected cordless phone and the then popular Nokia 6160 cell phones lol.