Russell Westbrook Traded to Wizards for John Wall...


F*** THE LAKERS!!!!!!
And a protected 1st round 2023 draft pick.

I'm feeling real salty about this deal myself. I think that the Wizards gave up too much with the 1st round pick. There are some pros and cons to this trade, but as a Wizards fan I'm irritated, lol. Westbrook has the energy up and down the court, but he will cost you games with his shooting, thus the moniker "West-BRICK". John Wall has some baggage issues off the court, has been injury prone, and also struggled with his shot early in his career, but he has really improved it. Folks will see and remember how good he really is this year. I think he's better than Westbrook at this stage.

So much for Russell Westbrook and James Harden teaming up in Houston to win the championship that eluded them in Oklahoma City.

The Houston Rockets reportedly agreed to trade Westbrook to the Washington Wizards on Wednesday in exchange for John Wall and a future first-round pick, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski...
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If Wall is able to bounce back from his injuries as well as Cousins then the Rockets become a top 3 team in the league. If not then this trade is just as bad if not worse then when the Texans traded Hopkins.


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If Wall is able to bounce back from his injuries as well as Cousins then the Rockets become a top 3 team in the league. If not then this trade is just as bad if not worse then when the Texans traded Hopkins.


F*** THE LAKERS!!!!!!
3 years ago during the 2017-18 season, John Wall was the 3rd best player in the East behind LeBron and Giannis. Some analysts even claimed him to be the 2nd best in the East.

It's so frustrating for DC fans because we waited a whole 2 years for him to get healthy and back on the court with Beal, just to have it now all go up in smoke 2 days after training camps start around the league. #sowizards


F*** THE LAKERS!!!!!!
Wall will be handling the point at least 80% of Houston's offensive possessions when he's on the floor. He has a major tendency to not play off ball (some have attributed that to him having not been fully healthy). His quickness and uptempo style will demand that he initiate the offense. Harden will find out that scoring opportunities will come a lot easier for him with Wall drawing double teams in the lane and off pick and rolls with Boogie Cousins.

Wall is a distributor first, scorer second, shot blocker third. Believe it or not, I think he only sits behind Dwayne Wade in total blocked shots by a guard.


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If Harden is still in Houston, I can't see someone else handling the ball 80% of the time. I don't see why anyone would want to play with the ball hog....LOL
They should have got rid of his ass instead of letting Russ go. Now this overrated bum that loves to flop from behind the 3 point line on every possession doesn't want to show up for practice.


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I agree. He is good for the "highlight reel" on SportsCenter. But that will not win you any NBA championships.

He can't be THE guy you build around for a championship team unless you got a superstar like AD playing with him

He has come up small or flat out disappeared in critical playoff games.

I'm interested about this John Wall/Boogie combo. If they can get a decent third piece, they might be OK.


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Calling Harden a bum though? Those minutes on the court and points made while your bench does nothing doesn't equal a bum. Points don't score themselves.
Also...he doesn't want to play for Fertitta after he joined the Trump train and acted like he was never on it...let slme people tell it one player can win a ring in the NBA and it's always been that way...except it hasn't. The Rox have no one to blame on this but Tillman's bad moves and a previous coach who didn't like rotation and bench building.
You need a scoring bench, 2-3 all stars and a coach who has the sets and rotation to get to the finals. Even then it isn't guaranteed.


Harden is not a bum. Just a scoring star that will lead your team to a title alone. You are right, team not put together right as well.


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Rox never even tried to get a center and last coach didn't even ATTEMPT to utilize Tyson Chandler even defensively. 40mins a game and you and one other star get what...10-12 a night from the bench? Not gonna win.