Righteous Readings: May 2019


Hello everyone! I greet you in joy, love, and peace, and pray you are all well!

Well, we're in the 5th month of this year and are about to wrap up the 5th day of the month! Time is really flying by, which is why it's so important to live a life that reflects Jesus every second of the day!

Here is the RR for this month! Enjoy!


The Mighty Weapon of Prayer
Ephesians 6:18

When Jesus shed His blood and died for us, His resurrection allowed us access to something so powerful that it holds the ability to heal, deliver, and shut down the enemy: direct access to the Father through PRAYER!

Prayer is not a formality done before a meal or going to bed or opening/closing a meeting. While prayer it simply communion with God, it's also the way we acknowledge our need and dependence on God. It's how we lay hold of His promises. Prayer is one of the greatest weapons God has given us (along with His Word). Coupled with fasting, when prayer is part of our lifestyle, we become Spiritual Weapons of Mass Destruction, and are able to fight the enemy.

The power of prayer lies not in the one who offers it, but in the One who hears it (the Lord Jesus Christ). Therefore, there is power in prayer, which is what makes it such a great weapon. And as warriors for Christ the King, prayer is essential in this ongoing spiritual warfare. Prayer is not to be our last resort, but instead our first action! Prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a defense against Satan. Pray often, pray for your families, your brothers and sisters in Christ, and for yourselves. Be alert, be encouraged and be battle-ready! And whatever you do, DON'T STOP PRAYING!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ keep you!