Righteous Readings: April 2019


Hello everyone! God's blessings to each of you!

I apologize for the delay. I know April is almost out of here, but it's not gone yet. Here is the RR for this month!


On April 14th of this year (Palm Sunday), I went into my mental and Spiritual celebration of Passion Week. While everyday I remember and thank God for sending us salvation and restoration back to Him through the blood of His Son, Jesus, it is during this week that I devote a more in-depth meditation, study, and prayer regarding everything that Jesus endured before He went to Calvary. So, naturally, my heart was very heavy. At first I thought it was because I have since learned and am continuing to learn and truly understand just why Jesus did what He did. I used to hear the old folks say, "He didn't have to do it, but He did". Now that I have learned and appreciate the true value of Jesus Christ, I know now that Jesus did HAVE to die for us. His pure, holy, sacrificial blood was the only thing that could restore us back to God and save us from eternal damnation. But the thing that makes my heart bleed with joy and sorrow is when I read the 17th Chapter of John, and just before Jesus went to Calvary, He made a stop in a quiet, tranquil garden and prayed for His disciples and for us. I am and will forever be awed by His love for me and you.

So, the week of April 14th was very emotional for me. But then the Lord allowed me to see April 21st arrive, another Resurrection Sunday. Before I left for church, I stopped to kiss my oldest daughter. Now, whenever I leave the house, she tells me, "Momma be careful". But on this particular day, the tone in her voice alarmed me. I just stared at her. Seeing the confused look in my eyes, my daughter told me about the suicide bombings in Sri Lanka that happened while people were worshipping on Easter Sunday. I just stood there for a moment, frozen. I pulled out my phone to check my news app. At the time I read the news the death toll was 207. About 3-4 days later, the death toll would be at 250. 250 people were killed, some while simply worshipping and celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. A day of rejoicing quickly turned into a day of sorrow.

We, as Christians and Believers, are in the fight of our lives right now! Not only has the devil, our mortal enemy, crept into our homes, but he has now boldly burst inside our schools, our places of employment, our government, and our churches. Families are being torn apart, people are being gunned down in the streets, our children are disobedient and behaving like wild animals, parents have given up raising children and depend on schools and the government to raise them, corruption in the police precinct, celebrity and political scandals, Satanic temples arriving on the seen, racial hatred is being embraced and encouraged by the White House, not to mention collusion cover-ups and so many lies upon lies upon lies flowing from the White House. Floods in the US, bombings in Sri Lanka, earthquakes in the Philippines, and we got folks in church focusing on the wrong people and wrong things!

So many Christians and Believers have walked away from the church, given up, surrendered. And if we, as God's people, do not wake up, we will be destroyed! Right now, the devil, the enemy of our souls, the accuser of the brethren, is out there doing his job and is winning! And the reason why so many of us cannot defeat him is because we're using all our Spiritual ammunition on each other! He sits back and watches us, and waits. So when he does come, we have no ammo left to use on him.

If we're gonna be for Christ, we have to be all the way in for Jesus Christ! It's past time playing church; time to be church and to live church and do church! It's time to get back out to the masses and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's past time to go back and teach our children about Jesus Christ. It's past time to take up arms and get in the good fight of faith! It's time to dress up with the whole armor of God and get out there and fight for our families, our children, our neighborhoods, our churches, our communities! Please everyone, let us see and hear the signs of the times. Let us take heed and realize the time is at hand now! Let us praise God that He warned us that these last days would soon come. Please everyone, let us come together and worship the Lord Jesus Christ, let us be on the same one accord so that we can stand united as one Body in Him! Focus! Watch! Pray! Please stay the course and fight the good fight of faith like a good soldier!

May the Blood of Christ Jesus cover you always!
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