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    96lioness For the 14 sisters at my church that survived!

    Hello everyone!

    It’s almost hard to believe that we’re 24 days into a brand new year! All praises to God for His mercy and His grace. I pray 2017 has been off to a good start for you.

    I’ve been in deep meditation as to how to move forward with the monthly empowerment & encouragement. I wasn’t sure I’d keep it going, but then I remembered why I started it. As we (the Household of Faith) are in the spiritual fight of our lives, it is important for Christians/Believers to stand united in Christ, on one accord and to encourage one another. I pray these posts have and will continue to accomplish that purpose.

    While the monthly posts will continue, I did decide to rename the monthly series. The name captures the vision for my church*, as we (Christians/Believers) realize that sometimes we need to stop, refocus, renew, re-prioritize, and get back to the basics of the Gospel. So, I pray you all are ready to “RESET in 2017!"

    While my pastor did not have an acronym for RESET, I thought about my own Spiritual walk and came up with this:

    Rejoice in the Lord
    No matter the situation, no matter what the media says, no matter what the world says, God is able & He is in control!

    Empower yourself with the Word of God
    Read it! Study it! Meditate on it! Walk in it! Grow in it! Know it! Live in it! Share it!

    Stand strong in the Lord
    “Be strong and of a good courage”-Joshua 1:6 Spiritual strength and courage are very necessary for spiritual warfare. We have no sufficient strength of our own, but rather all our sufficiency is of God; in His strength we are able to go forth & go on.

    Equip/Enable yourself with the Holy Spirit
    It is the Holy Spirit that equips us in wisdom, understanding, knowledge and energy to do what is required of us, and what God has called us to do with success! Wait on the power of the Holy Spirit, and then move obediently in accordance.

    Testify/Tell others about Jesus Christ
    Continue to confess, proclaim, and profess the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ is Lord! The Lamb of God, slain to take on our sins, Resurrected and coming back again as the Lion of Judah, King and Conqueror, to judge and reign over the entire universe! He reigns now and forever!

    These are some of the basic principles of the Gospel that I've challenged myself to work on in my Spiritual walk this year, as they are essential in worship & praise to God, professing Jesus Christ as the Resurrected Savior, and in Kingdom-building. I challenge you to come up with your own acronym as you prepare to RESET in 2017!

    Tune in tomorrow.....

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    Excellent; I look forward to it!
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    96lioness For the 14 sisters at my church that survived!

    I apologize; I meant to post this yesterday but called to do some ministry work. Here is the RESET in 2017 for January

    Late evening, November 8, 2016, we sat and watched the map of the US reflect the true mindset of the Electoral College. Many people sat and watched in horror and fear as the map quickly turned red before our eyes, revealing what truly lies in the hearts of those who claim to have “all” the citizens of this country best interests at heart. On January 20, 2017, the nation held its 45th Inauguration, transitioning the Executive Branch authority to a man who is the epitome of controversy. It’s not been a week since, and already hundreds of thousands lined the streets in this country (and around the world) in protest, world leaders have lent their voices/views/opinions of future interactions with the new president, questionable and unqualified Cabinet appointees have went before Congress, federal agencies have been forced into hiring freezes, Obamacare has been targeted for rollbacks, and cuts in gas production have resulted in rising costs of gas (predicted to go up $0.50 more than in 2016). It appears the climate in the country is upheaval and fear, as many people ask, “What’s next for the country?”

    Whether we like it or not, we all have to accept the country has a new President. Christian/Believer, Jew, Muslim, atheist, Black, white, Hispanic, young, old, rich, poor, citizens of this country will all have to deal with the impact and results brought on us from this transition. Right now so many are gripped with a sense of anxiety, not knowing what will happen, or gripped with fear at the possibility of what could happen. As the country becomes more and more violent, many people turn to their guns for their protection. As more and more slander and libel are spewed from the media outlets, the press has come up with their own “alternative” facts rather than factual truth. But what will you as a Christian/Believer do in this hour of chaos? Will you react hastily to the reports of the media? Will you retaliate out of frustration? Or will you RESET?

    As others panic, this certainly is NOT the time for Christians/Believers to panic. This is the season for the Household of Faith to truly know who God is to us and who you are in Him, ESPECIALLY when you face adversity, pressure, trouble, pain, and sorrow. As you “get back to the basics” of Christianity, REMEMBER who God is and that you can truly RELY on Him during any situation you face. Take a good look at yourself. Examine your relationship with God and your walk in Christ. Don’t spend time trying to prove yourself but instead work on improving yourself so your relationship with Him will be healthy. Build up your Spiritual Growth; make a concentrated effort to supplement your life with the qualities of faith that will allow you to be effective and fruitful in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.* Edify yourself by reading the Word of God so that you may be able to face these times of hardship and uncertainty with confidence in Christ. And no matter what the media reports, put your complete, undoubted Trust in God.

    So, the question is: “What’s next for me as a Believer?” We (Christians/Believers) truly walk by faith and not by sight. And God has given each of His children a measure of faith. Our faith is revealed during our storms and challenges and times of adversity. So, it’s not about who sits in the White House, but rather Who still sits on the Throne!

    May the Grace & knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you richly!

    Some excerpts from the Bible Study series:
    Self-Evaluation: Examine Yourself (Part II)
    W.L. Robinson, Pastor

    *Denotes Scriptural Reference
    II Peter 1: 5-8

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    Amen! Very well stated @96lioness ... in other words, don't worry, just R.E.S.E.T.
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    In the name of Jesus... AMEN!
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