Rapper turned head coach Luther Campbell takes Miami Edison on college tour (including HBCUs)


Deeeeep In The Delta.....
(WSVN) - High school football players went on a road trip to some of the best college football programs in the nation. Rapper turned head football coach, Luther Campbell, made sure to use his connections to propel his players to success.

Commonly known as Uncle Luke, the now head football coach at Miami Edison, is ensuring the next SoFlo Pro has every opportunity to be discovered.

Campbell, along with his coaching staff, took the Red Raiders on a college road trip to remember.

“We’ve been doing this for over 15 years,” Campbell said. “I mean, we’ve taken from the likes of Amari Cooper to Devantae Freeman, you name it, on this particular tour. To be able to take these kids around the country and then teach them about history and places that they’re visiting and taking them to black colleges, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Uncle Luke, now head coach of Miami Edison, takes team on road trip to top college football programs