Prayer for Marriage!!


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In light of all this negative talk about marriage in the world we live in, I ask you to join me in a prayer that God may bless all marriages and those who are on the verge of becoming married.

Dear God,

We come praying for all marriages that you have put together. Lord we pray that you give each marriage the love and honor that it should have. Lord we ask that you bless each household from the evil doers who seek to destroy them. Lord we understand that we live in a time where people are very impatient and that they want what they want today not tomorrow, but God we know that you are in control and that you are never late. Bless all the marriages that are the verge of breaking up, bless those marriages that are in need of fixing God. We know that thru you all things can be healed and restored. God we know that you ordain marriages and that it is a blessing by you when two people join as one to follow you. God give all marriages around the world healing and restoration and give each individual in these marriages the love and strength they need to endure the long road of marriage. Lord we ask that you give them the joy and happiness that comes with marriage and that you move those devils out of the way so that they can be happy. Lord we ask that you move the adultery, lying, hate and all the negative things inside these marriages out of the way for love, understanding and the desire plus strength to follow your will Lord. Bless these marriages Lord. In your son Jesus name we pray. Amen!!!!!


And, Father, give pastors the werewithal to stand up and declare what marriage is all about and the wisdom to counsel those who seek to be married and those that are already in marriages. Give those couples listening ears and sound minds to receive godly counsel. And fill our homes with sound marriages that we might model them for future generations.


The Vilian
Man I visited a friend's church recently and he called me up to the front to pray for this exact same thing. He put me totally on the spot. When I got up there, he turns around and ask all married couples to come up there. It was like an alter call. Man I was totally unprepared. I didn't have time to think about what I wanted to say. I'm not a long winded person. I'm precise and straight to the point. It was an old baptist church and that was probably the shortest alter call they had ever heard. :lol:

Great prayer Cee Dog. Amen.