Prayer for All Sports Officials


“Let all things be done decently and in order”
1 Corinthians 14:40 (KJV)

Gracious Father,
We come to You, always thanking You for allowing the opportunity. Father, thank You for this day, a day of Worship unto You, another day of Your mercy and extended grace. We thank You for keeping us throughout this day, throughout this month, throughout our entire existence.

Now Father, as we come to the close of this day, this month, we come to You again, petitioning You on behalf of all sports officials, from Little League to the highest professional sports organizations. Father, we know You are God and that You have set order in place for all things. Your word, according to 1 Corinthians 14, says that all things are to be done appropriately and in a good and orderly manner. Father, we pray for our sports officials this athletic season. We pray that they will be fair and honest in their job duties. Please Lord, we pray that officials will cover their assigned positions well. We pray that You make their eyes sharp and attentive to players. We pray that You will help them to be alert to any/all fouls and that these will be called correctly.

Lord, as You have no respect of persons, we pray against bias and prejudice among our officials. We pray that our officials have a good, solid knowledgeable background of their job, so that the sport will be played the way it was designed. Please help our officials to do their jobs so that the games will be played safely and in the spirit of good competitiveness. Please Father, let these individuals take their responsibilities with seriousness, and bring to their remembrance that hard work, rigorous practice, and preparation put forth for competition. Lord, let our officials perform their duties with honor, that will bring YOU honor, and not discourage our student-athletes’ effort

Now before I close, I am asking a special prayer for @Big Thunder, @LAW DAWG, and @BulldogM.Ed.23. Father, please bless these brothers of faith. I pray for them, that You keep them, Father, protect them from all manner of harm and evil. I pray for everyone that is connected to them. I pray that You keep them grounded in You God, connected to Christ, and that they will hold to Your Holy Spirit. Bless them, Lord, and I pray that You continue to use them for Your will and Your glory. Please watch over my brothers @CEE DOG and @JSUTigers1877, and Father, we thank You for @Kenn Rashad; continue to bless his business and thank You for this site, which allows a platform for Believers to come together in Your name and share of Your goodness and glorify You.

We love You Father because You first loved us, and we thank You for our kinsman Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who died for us, resurrected from death, and reconciled us back to You! To You Father, the only wise God who is THE Savior, be majesty and glory, dominion and power, now and forever! In the name of Jesus, thank You God,
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