Prairie View A&M vs Arkansas-Pine Bluff Game Updates: 3:00 pm CT


Deeeeep In The Delta.....
The one thing PB had to do to ensure a victory, they actually started off this drive doing (rushing the ball). Already in PV territory

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UAPB ball with 1:40 remaining.
Prairie View A&M


Arkansas - Pine Bluff


Deeeeep In The Delta.....
UAPB is currently the 1st team outside of the rankings in the coaches poll. Mercer lost today so it's a good chance the SWAC could have 3 schools ranked (a 5-5 team shouldnt be ranked in ANYONE'S poll)


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No slight to UAPB, since they were the obvious superior team but where is the ROI, PVAMU? The ghetto backwards "good enough" is acceptable mentality should have stopped 4-5 years ago.

The PVAMU transfer portal OUT should be bulging, along with some very fake asst "coaches" transferring out too. Take the "cheerleaders" and a lot of backwards admin staff with you all away from the school so it can finally live the part of a university vs the ghetto school.


Prairie View haven't played since Mar 13th

See? See what I’m sayin’? THIS that monkey shine bull doo doo right here I’m talkin’ bout!

AND? Alabama A&M also hadn’t played a game for 35 days too before JSU. They won. I don’t recall you having this type mindset on the WEEK 8 PICK ‘EM thread. As a matter of fact, it was YOU that said, “PV will win the game and be the West champs”. You said that witcho chest, with all kinda confidence. BUT NOW, all of a sudden it’s, “Prairie View haven’t played since Mar 13th”!

As I said in another thread, I respect you very much and love you as my SWAC brethren, but make me understand what you meant cuz it sounds like an excuse to me and a slight to my boys. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Clarity, just want some clarity.