Ok an Oldie but Goodie: FY FRIDAYS


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I just want to say FY' to the following people in no particular order.

Mya: I was thinking she had more class then that.

Pink: Her name is pink

Lil Kim: If you don't get help from charter PLEASE get help somewhere

Christina: Come on from the Micky Mouse club to the Whore House

State of Ga: For not giving a sista her linence back

Tawanna Turner: For marring my baby daddy, Bubba Chuck or as some of you know his Allen Iverson:D ;)

The strippers who opened there mouth at the Gold Club... if I was making 8,000 a night i would be happy.

WHO ever Stole my CD's from my dang house :redhot:

And last for today....

Here I go..

Lil Kim...man I just hate this chic. She is living proof that a woman doesn't need talent to make it, just a tongue and a twat!

Meacfans women - yall to freakin uptight! It ain't that serious!

Tom Benson - I wish this old Cracker would roll over. He needs to quite trying to pimp the state of LA. Make the Saints a winner and I am sure we would give you a stadium! And if the Dome is good enough for the Superbowl, then I know its good enough for the Saints!

JSU ATL - Don't ever disrespect my girl Mya. She does have class. But when you were hanging around Lil Kim, you would start to look whorish too!
Everybody in the Tiger Cartel knows who my big old FY goes to. And I'll add a KMBA while I'm at it too!!!

:D :emlaugh: :emlaugh: