Official "Shadow & Act Media Tweets" Thread


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This is an old article, but it is well worth the read. It speaks to one of the reasons why I stopped watching these types of award shows.
It reminds me of when Denzel won for "Training Day", but not "John Q". The two characters are night and day.


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Guess who is coming to the North Texas Comic Book Show in July!!

Black Panther fans should be excited about the appearance of Christopher Priest at our show in July. Christopher’s credits include Black Panther (vol. 3), Amazing Spider-Man, Deadpool, Deathstroke, plus Action Comics and Green Lantern as Jim Owsley. Christopher is also the co-creator of Xero, Quantum & Woody, and The Crew.
This is the guy (yes he is black) that is the reason you have that Black Panther film. 20 years ago he was give the task of a Black Panther comic book and that started an 11 year run (the longest run in Marvel's history for a BLACK character-only Spawn has a long run at 25 years).