November 4, 2020 .....

Attack Dog

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I started this thread because regardless of who wins on November 3rd, we need to come out fighting in our communities and then states. Let's list some ideas on how each one of us can work to help gain and use effective political power.

I'll start:

Identify who the local council members are.
Develop an exploratory committee to identify the most pressing needs of the community.
Attend council meetings

Present the finds of the exploratory committee to your council member.
Establish a realistic timeframe for action on the the findings and inform them that nonaction would place their seat in jeopardy.
If they fail to respect the timeframe, begin searching for their replacement, while giving them hell at every opportunity; hound them about even the smallest thing the community is not satisfied with, and add that to the list of things for your candidate to use against them.

After wining the local, follow the same process with the state legislature.

Attack Dog

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Let's start or continue going to our local commission and/or counsel meeting and taking someone with you. I'm assuming almost all are virtual now.