No Science or HISTORY needs to be taught to elementary kids


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Monday, WRAL reported that North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, the highest-ranking Republican in the state, called for eliminating science and history classes from elementary schools.

In his memoir, "We Are the Majority: The Life and Passions of a Patriot," according to reporter Bryan Anderson, "Robinson is dropping more hints about a potential run for governor in 2024. And, if elected, he says he'd work to keep science and history out of some elementary school classrooms. He says he'd also seek to eliminate the State Board of Education, end abortion and work to prevent transgender people from serving in the military."

"Robinson said he'd work to keep history, science and a number of other subjects out of first through fifth grade curricula and instead prioritize reading, writing and math," said the report. "'In those grades, we don't need to be teaching social studies,' he writes.

And this is a black guy saying this....

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So the only thing he walked back was about the jews? Go figure.

This country has learned nothing from the history of the world. Not even 250 years old and in this stage of decline.

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As soon as I saw this, I did not need to read any further, you should read some of his other stances.

"North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson "​

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