Netflix: Lupin


Yes sir. I finished it up as soon as I saw it as a one of Netflix's Top 10 Shows. I enjoyed it. looking forward to the new season.


I watched it and it was okay. I don't believe 5 episodes was enough to do it justice, though I saw the note that said a 2nd season is coming.


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Okay, I just watched the first episode. I had it on "watch for later," not realizing it was another series. Anyhow, I'm hooked. ...and yeah I a appreciate seeing another brother in a non-stereotypical role.


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It's reminding me too much like Money Heist.....

Although Money Heist is running on 5 seasons, I couldn;t make it past 2 seasons.

Hopefully it'll give us a ending in a shorter amount of time


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I got the chance to watch Season 2 earlier this month. Again, I just think the Brother in this main character is a nice change of pace. I get frustrated a lot these days with how we are often portrayed and looked at on the big screen. I will forever want to see us Brothers on top, never cooning, bossing it up with some intelligence, and running things.
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