Nelly is HIV positive: Rumor or fact???

Discussion in 'Round Table Discussion' started by SWACLocalBoy, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. SWACLocalBoy

    SWACLocalBoy Guest

    I have a very serious question for all of you guys: Is rap star Nelly <b>HIV-positive</b>? Because I heard from my sister that it's true, but I thinkit is a rumor. If he is, I would like to see if there are any articles that back me up, and what you think of this.
    :( :( :(
  2. KennyReno

    KennyReno Prisoner Of The State

    Not that I care about Nelly that much, but..............

    When did this rumor start, man?

  3. LadyLuck13

    LadyLuck13 Chocolate Rain


    I don't believe that....

    If he is, there would NOT be an ARTICLE on it....That's just too much exposure!
  4. mrnutthova

    mrnutthova Working for Uncle Sam

  5. SONNY

    SONNY The Future of Omega!!!!

    That's an ugly rumor to Start.
    I live in St. Louis and I havent heard anything about that.

    TSU/BAMA Well-Known Member

    Interesting thread, but is it really any of our business???
  7. limefree

    limefree "SIN MIEDO"

    I'm sure its just a rumor...thats a pretty serious one though.:(
  8. chocalate_topaz

    chocalate_topaz I wanna be your lover...

    My sentiments exactly. I sure if it is true Nelly would like to deal with it out of the public eye, unless HE choses to annouce it to the world. Let's respect his privacy.
  9. Sonic98

    Sonic98 Guest

    Don't know if it's true or not, but if it is I am not surprised.
  10. S.U. T-BONE 99

    S.U. T-BONE 99 Owner of

    Nah I think SwacLocalboy been hittin the NES too hard. LOL!!!!!!
  11. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    I sure hope not

    HIV/AIDS ain't no joke, I don't wish this on anyone. They should definitely find a cure and fast...we're losing too many of us behind this epidemic.
  12. Bigtyme69

    Bigtyme69 New Member

    Hiv or Aids is to dangerous to even speculate about thats sombodys life and its there business if they are as long as Nelly keep it HOt in HERRE i'll still support his music career Dayum can't a black man have some sucess .
  13. S.U. T-BONE 99

    S.U. T-BONE 99 Owner of

    Re: I sure hope not

    Thats exactly why they won't find or tell us about a cure.
  14. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    Re: Re: I sure hope not

    I know S.U. T-Bone, I wonder about this topic quite often. Is it big business to not find cures for these awful diseases, or what? It doesn't only affect us. What about Cancer, why can't they find a cure for it????

    This prompts another thread.

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