Nasty Grind


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Has anyone seen the new Adina Howard video ?Nasty Grind?? I caught a glimpse of it last night on Midnight Love. She?s doing some sort of D?Angelo ?How Does It Feel? rip by standing in front of the mic with just some boy-short undies on grinding & singing. I thought she fell off the map but apparently she has a new album coming out. Anyone heard about it?


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Girl, you had better stop watching that midnight love. It's been known to get a few folk in trouble.(lol) I remember Adina Howard back in the day. She had a song that went something like... 1 to the 2 to the 3 to the 4 ... ADINA do you wanna get ...

Today's video hoes couldn't touch Adina. She might have been a freak, but at least she could sing.

Album cover link .. The Second Coming