My thoughts & prayers go out to Deion Sanders


Why...yall got the same lam ass niccas suiting up....
We got your lame, alright. And for the record, we have young Black men suitin up for us. They just today put a new head on and they bout to git some more talent to go with what we got. So you just carry on with whatever hand you're holding. Worry about that, and let us take care of what we got comin at you down the road.


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lit n***a, I hope you pull that google maps car over before you go into prayer mode. Safety First.
RIGHT!! Don't need him tearing up Google's thousand of dollars equipment.



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Same Ol Slump Hoes... just watch.
What?!?!?! Man, where you been? Thought maybe those yellas kidnapped you and was holding you for ransom. Man!!! Ole Primetime has brought out Mr. Biggs aka Ron Isley aka Mr In the Closet himself. If Suge comes back with his colorful socks and MH with his lucky hat, then I'm logging off.


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Founders over there bad mouthing JSU when y’all country ham hawks should be thanking ole JSU .... saved their season from being over and ole 5 foreheads from being on the hot seat.... ungrateful mothers I tell you...gram haven’t done shat since 16 and getting owned by PeeeeVeee... founders sit yo ass down... they let anyone on the internet at the retirement home I see.
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I hope, Coach Sanders is working that phone. Because, his coaching career will be over before the start with talent of this caliber.

Coach Sanders is going to need Uncle Clifford and the team lure someone to Jackson, Mississippi.

If Primetime can get one upset and a player, or two drafted. He will coaching in Tallahassee for 2022.
lil fella sure has been up in here posting smack and having a good time but his smack is meaningless because he (you) brings nothing to the table in terms of a Football team, Swag, Athletics or any other real or imagined superiority on which to base his smack. But carry on as you wish, just stay in your lane.