Music that will remind you of your College experience.


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What are the songs/music/hip-hop/urban et al genra that you will remember the most from your college years? You know,,, that first new song that you heard the first few days of freshman orientation or while walking through the central hang-out on your campus at lunch or friday before a game(or Sat after a game) or at a party that stuck in your head. Or that song that was all the rave that perhaps all the bands were playing,, or that song that some frat/soro came out on in a step show that was "da tihs!". That song that reminds you of your significant other while yall was dating/breaking up/fighting/getting back together or just "relating". What was that song that the college radio station (if your campus had one) played during the "Friday Night Hotmix" that used to get the party crunk,, that you used to take a break from studying and just get "buck-wild" to,,,? (,, T-Love used to be hookin' that dayum D.C. go-go/HH-reaggea !ish UP in the Piedmont-Triad area!! OMG!:eek: uuuuh, back in 91-93',,,:eek:. AGGIE PRIDE!!!:))

What's your, or what were your favorite hits????:)


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I Stand Accused by Isaac Hayes

Keep on Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks

I'm Coming Home by Johnny Mathis

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by Roberta Flack

What Going On by Marvin Gaye

Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips

Norwegian Wood by Hugh Masekela

Too Late To Turn Back Now by Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose

I could go on and on.I guess yall can tell, that I was in college in the early 70's.:emlaugh: They don't write music like that any more.


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For nadda senor, it's nothing.

what about "blam" and "ride-o-rocket" by The Brothers Johnson?!:eek: That was Jr High for me.:eek: Then 12th grade was "Knights by Knights" by Cameo. :emlaugh: I will never forget my best friend coming back from his freshman year at Univ of Alabama and dude had transformed. Back then the "in thing" was a pressed button down(usually white), knife-edge creased jeans or kakis and shiny penny loafers and a "dagwood" cut. Mug had just pledged Alpha and would be steppin to every song that had a beat! :p

One college song I will NEVER forget is "Sexomatic" by forget-the-artists and "Raid" by Lakeside. In the spring one of the campus DJs used to back his car up on The Avenue near the cafe and would be playing "Sexomatic" among others. Then there was a step show one time,,,, I'll never forget, the University of Alabama Kappas was down for a step show in Tuskegee at the old gym,, and I was scoffing at them thinking,, "aaah shoot, dey from a PWC,, dey ain't gone do nothing",, and dem mugz came out to "Raid" and won the amnd step show!:confused:

Other classics from undergraduate era:
Atomic Dog by George Clinton (although I believe this was actually late high school, what Que would not agree, this has got to be one of the legendary party/step show songs. this is "the national anthum" of the Omegas. Is George Clinton a Que? This song was written for Ques. To this day this song evokes spntaneous "stepping" whenever there are Ques within hearing range. )
She blinded me with science(best band dance routine of all time. remember most of the routine to this day.):eek:
Planet Rock(got to be one of the alltime best party songs.)
Renegades of Funk
Hold it now, hit it by The Beastie Boys (to this day I remember how I was swearing up and down these WERE NOT white boys, but I couldn't explain the "weird" accents. they used to be scratchin' & mixin' this on V103 in Atlanta and I was just stunned.):eek:
Mr Magic's Rap Attack by Whoodini
Tender love by ? (bad memories of this boyfriend and girlfriend who were killed in a reck on I-65 going home for a holiday.)
Eyes without a face by Billy Idle
Everybody wants to rule the world
I'm Ready by Kano (another classic party song)
Genius of Love by the Tom Tom Club (a classic party song or song you be blasting from the car while riding around on the yard.)
Sequencer by Al Di Meola (jazz, always reminded me of driving down Wire Road to Auburn on the weekend in the fall)

I'm an 80s mug myself.:emlaugh:


I was from the West Coast going down south so the music was totally different. I left home listening to songs like Bass Overdrive, Its Automatic, Technicolor and we had a song called the Bogart song, we use to do a dance called the Humphrey Bogart to it. Freshman year 87' on the yard, the Southern University activity anthem was Push It by Salt n Pepa and doin' the butt...they played those songs at every Pep Rally, dance and whenever they could. Then we introduced NWA to the masses and had impromptu street parties on the yard. Music went into a snag or I didn't have time to listen or go to parties. By the time I graduated, Mary J. Blige was coming out and Jodeci. Oh I can't forget M.C. Hammer...had me doin' the Running Man with a cast on my leg.
Beef is cheaper, Pork with red dye between two pieces of bread. GOODIE MOB

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Me So Horny !!!!

Anythang by the 2LiveCrew...
Im talking bout the origional group before they make Luke change his name from Luke Skywalker.....

Remember when the Chinese looking dude (Fresh Kid Ice) broke his dayumm arm that one year and did concerts with a cast and sling.....

I helped book that concernt when I was on the SGA at JSU....
Their dancing girls got so Lewd and Nasty (I loved it by the way), that the faculty almost impeaced us and we could no longer book concerts on our own. LOL


LMAO@Makaho... ROTF

Bruh, please tell me you didn't get the 2LiveCrew that had <b>Cindy Mullins</b> (6' 0"; 168lbs; dark skinned and FYINE as "L") and that one Mexican chick dancing? :( Please tell me you didn't see that up front and live... :( Man, I STALKED that woman for over a year while in school! LOL She thought I was some CRAZY ARSE MAN from Maryland when I was calling her arse all the time from there. LMAO!!!! ROTF :emlaugh: :D

First convo:
Panthro: *ring* Hello? May I speak to Cindy?
Cindy: This is her. Who's this?
Panthro: This is Panthro. I met you when you came to Dallas in 1989 (lying through my teeth - I worked for the phone company and got someone in New Jersey to retrieve her home 411 and Luke's studio #s as well LOL)
Cindy: Aw... Hey! What's up? :confused: I don't remember you...
Panthro: Girl, I was the guy SCREAMING @ the TOP of his lungs JUST below you on the stage when you came to the Long Horn Ballroom in Dallas. You licked your tongue out @ me. LOL
Cindy: :confused:
Panthro: Look, I'll just be real.... I want you to be my wife! :D
Cindy: How much money you got?
Panthro: None. I'm still in.. *CLICK* *as phone hangs up* :emlaugh:

ROTF LMAO I called her arse frequently and talked more isht than a lil' bit about my being a 1 star general in Maryland and all :emlaugh:.

Dayum, I was dumb and stupid.... *wonder where she's at*


Da Butt-EU Nothing set off a gym party better than Da Butt

Right And Wrong Way To Love Somebody-Keith Sweat Slow dancing at The Rennisance on a Thursday night!!!!

Children's Story-Slick Rick One of the first songs I bumped when I put those 12s in the Chevette

Do What You Wanna-Rebirth Brass Band Remember those KAPsi parties at the Caf in Ruston? OFF THE HOOK!!!

Ghostbusters-Bobby Brown By far my favorite song we played in the band while I was a member.

Anything by Troop-Before N'Sync...there was TROOP!!!! SPREAD MY WINGS...AND FLY AWAY

Tonight-DJ Quik That song saved my life one night!!!!

Let's Get Drunk and Throw Up In The Car-E-40 & The Clique. Or whatever the name of that song was....those days were kinda hazy right there!!!



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I reminisce.....

The reggae songs ?Murder She Wrote?, ?Boom Bye Bye?, and ?Flex, Time to Have Sex?
always remind me of my days at HU.;)


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Limefree/west coast, my 91-93 classics.

Limefree I hear you! When I went to A&T/NC from Texas, it took me some time to get used to Go-Go which was big at A&T. the EC Hip-hop and HH-reaggea of the period was all good. When I left A&T and went out to the west coast, it was like being a fish out of water AGAIN!

I had a crew out there, basically all of them were from Morgan State/D.C. area/New York. Going to parties as a group was a mess!:idea: There was the customary Ice Cube/West Coast HH of the 93-98 era and all these mugz from Morgan State/D.C./N.Y. would be distraught and asking for Go-Go and whatever the East Coast favorites were at the time!:D :p Me being a musician and a hack DJ, didn't matter to me long as it was a good mix.

NASTYNUPE, you was on the wheels?!:p LOL! yeah, i was a hack myself!:D I think my high water mark was spinning some of Tu Pac's stuff before he blew up (like, "When my homie calls") on the yard at 12:00 during lunch at A&T.

The A&T period had so many classics for me in such a short amount of time it ain't even funny:

Punks Jump Up to get Beat Down, Brand Nubian (all-time favorite from the A&T era)

ALL SONGS BY TRIBE CALLED QUEST, Bonita Applebum, The Infamous Date Rape(OMG!), Can I Kick It, Check The Rhyme !:D

Party Groove, Showbiz & AG

How many MC/I gotcha Opin/NIGGUZ TALK SH-T, basically anything by Blackmoon

Jump Around(my crews "anthum)/Put Your Head Out/House of the rising Son/Shamrocks and Shenanigans, House of Pain(esp after some of our "sets")

anything by Gang Starr/Guru

Sally Got a One Track Mind, Diamond and the Psychotic Neurotics. crazy apartment "get togethers":idea: :eek: OMG!

most anything by Smif-N-Wessun(although this was more along the lines of just chillin and talking sh-t wit the fellas)

How I Could Just Kill A Man, Cypress Hill, another classic

Take it EZ, Breaker 1/9, Common another classic!

Many HH-reaggea I can't remember and have never heard since. The list just goes on and on! :eek: :bawling:

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Originally posted by Panthro
LMAO@Makaho... ROTF

Bruh, please tell me you didn't get the 2LiveCrew that had <b>Cindy Mullins</b> (6' 0"; 168lbs; dark skinned and FYINE as "L") and that one Mexican chick dancing? :( Please tell me you didn't see that up front and live... :( Man, I STALKED that woman for over a year while in school! LOL She thought I was some CRAZY ARSE MAN from Maryland when I was calling her arse all the time from there. LMAO!!!! ROTF :emlaugh: :D

Man, tell me about it !!! We (Nupes) also had a party at the Hilton downtown where they were staying...Not only did Luke and TLC with all their groupies and Dancers show up....some J-Settes and since we were playing Southern for homecoming that year some Dancing Dolls were there too.
We were charging for dranks at first but I made the suggestion that we charge double the price to guys and the dranks were free for the ladies. Uhhhh, you know why!!!! LOL :D
To tell you how many honies wuz girlfriend showed up with bout 20 of her sorors trippin like a mug. Talking bout "let's go", I wanna spend some time with you....cuz she knew what I was bout to get into.
Needless to say, we broke up as a result of that party and as a result of the 2LIVE CREW girls....DAUYMMM, LUKE IS DA MANG
But I do remember Cindy cuz that was Homecoming 89.
I just wish I had stalked her too. lol :D :D :D :D :D


Awwwwwwwwwww dayuuuuuuuummm....

:emlaugh: @ Makaho! ROTF LOL :D Sounds like the kinda' party I would've LOVED to have attended! Fall '89? Darnit! I WISHED I could've attended. One of your alums who'd just returned to JState from a co-op pleaded w/ me to come to hcoming. I was a broke college student, so was unable to attend.

Man, if you got close to Cindy, did you hump her? :confused: I SWORE to myself on my LAST breath that if I EVER got w/in arms reach of her one mo' gin, I was gonna' HUMP her like a dog in heat! :eek: Clothes on an all in front of everybody! :eek: :emlaugh:

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, don't MAKE me use my power up in heah and start calling across America (starting in Fla) looking for that gul one mo gin!!!! LOL She had to be the FYINEST woman I'd ever seen in my life. Buttocks and thighs like a stallion. :emlaugh:


"Mississippi Woman"

Any Ice Cube in the early 90's
Just Me and You - Tony Toni Tone (from Boyz N Da Hood)
Any House Music
Ce Ce Pinistin (sp)
Pretty Brown Eyes - I forget
Diamonds & Pearls - at that time the Symbol... :emlaugh:
NWA - Automobile, Don't Matter Just Don't Bite :rolleyes:, I Rather **** You, etc...
***** Better Have My Money-AMG
TLC-Friends, Ain't Too Proud to Beg
Pocket Full of Stones-UGK
More House
Lil Louis-Both CDs
Da Most Beautifullest Thing in this World - Keith Murry
Ole Times Sake - Sweet Sable (Freak Nic Theme for my crew)
Above the Rim Soundtrack
House Party II Soundtrack
Kiss Me and I'll Kiss Ya Back - Digital Underground
There's Some **** in This House - Frank Ski Club (Yes!!!)
and the list goes on and on and on...

ShoNuff TSU Tiger

Casanova Brown by Teena Marie

The night I fell in Love by Luther

I wore these two cassettes out everynight...... ;)


Why would you bring tears to my eyes by making me think of how I miss GSU so much

Any New Orleans song by DJ Jubilee, Pimp Daddy, etc. Second lining was off the hook. Awwwwww the memories.

Ain't Nothing But A G Thang by Dr. Dre' and Snoop.

What's the 411?(the whole CD) by Mary J. Blige


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The College Days....

R. Kelly's- 12 Play (Everytime I here any song from this cd, ai can all but smell the dorms...(i.e. boley hall), The buildings (Higgins Hall, T.T. Allain).

Brian McKnight's 1st CD Everyone I knew had that CD. (Not to mention when we had Brian & his band for a concert. All the women in SGA argued over who would be his personal escort. Then when his band was warming up, he sat at the minidome piano and played all his love songs as we stood around and melted....I'll never forget that!)

Above the Rim Soundtrack (Regulators, Mount up!)

Lenny Kravitz's--It Aint Over Till Its Over. It is my absolute favorite song for the band to play. (Most memorable when we were down in a football game and came back to win by 14 points in the last three minutes)

Tupac's- Me Against the World, All Eyez on Me, and Makaveli. (Everyone knows I'm a avid 'Pac fan. I can remember the occasion I heard every Tupac song for the first time. Not to mention all of the "intellectual" 'Pac discussions we had in Higgins Hall. (When I first heard the news that he passed and was delivering a speech at a peep rally...then had to tell the crowd).

Janet Jackson's- Anytime, Anyplace. (For the private spring break celebration in Gulfport Mississippi and that's all I'm telling...)

Xscape's- Off the Hook (It's a ATL thang).

Just to name a few....


"Mississippi Woman"
O...forgot one...

I'm Too Sexy!!!

How could you not get dressed by this song in the morning?!?!?!?


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Vinita, BluBlood, Stormof SU,, ooooooh i'm siiiiiiiiiiiiiick,,

new jack swing, - better have my money/pocket full of stones were classics.

I think this was the same era or maybe 91-93, but an alltime CLASSIC,,, Rump Shaker,,,, (esp the video),, nuff said. (uugh! party classic here. omg!)

house music was big with the EC crowd at A&T and house/garage was the domain of the latino/hispanic community in LA at the time. I've seen some Above The Rim references,,,,,,, omg,,,, dat mug is in the collection too.:p

much of the stuff yall mention was during my Cali Era. I will never forget, for example:

She Keeps On Passin' Me By by The Pharcyde,,, just flying into LAX,,, straight from G'boro NC,,, and had just found a radio station while in shock navigating the 5:00pm rush-hour to Pasadena.

LANDMARK NAS: The World is Yours/It Ain't Hard to Tell/Represent/One Love/Halftime (dms! DMS!!)

I Used to Love Her, Common

Dinninit/Brakes/Dog Eat Dog, et al De La Soul

Award Tour/Lyrics to Go/God Lives Through/one two s--t (going to or coming from LBC/downtown LA/S-C/that club in Santa Monica:D), A TCQ

Extortion/Drop a Gem on Em/Shook Ones/Give up da Goods/Trife Life&More Trife Life, anything by Mobb Deep

Noctornal Sunshine, The Roots (one of them classic, CLASSIC, So Cal backyard house parties! uuugh!)

Anything by Group Home, King T(Let's Go Dippin'), Craig Mack, Westside connection, Ultramagnetic MC(Two Brothas With Checks/Raise it Up-Bay Area Roadie!), Ghost Face Killah/Wu Tang, countless others.

Makaho Bedrock

Re: Vinita, BluBlood, Stormof SU,, ooooooh i'm siiiiiiiiiiiiiick,,

Originally posted by Bartram
pocket full of stones were classics.

Man if you talking bout UGK's Pocket full of stones, then you talking bout da "BOMB DIGGY".....
"I got a Pocket full of stones...and they wont leave my arse alone...."

Man, UGK put Port Arthur, Texas on Da Map!!!!


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Speaking of putting places on the map,,,

What has lead to the sudden popularity of groups being based in Atlanta?

In the old days you had your Cameos who I believe were Atlanta-based, but there were not just a glutt of artists based there like there is today,,, ones that seemingly are smash-hit popular? Just got that CD by Ludacris and it's like these mugz are some kind of mutation of the Atlanta groups like Outkast/Goodie Mob and Louisiana-based genra.


Meet, act & depart...
I Feel For You - Chaka

Purple Rain - Prince

When Doves Cry - Prince

Superstar - Luther

In My House - Mary Jane Girls

The Show -

Push It - Salt & Pepper

Back In Stride - Maze

Murphy Law - Al Jarreau

Candy - Cameo

Sweat November - The Deal

Crazy For You

The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael

Bad - Michael

The Butt - EU

Skin I'm In - Cameo

Let me stop...