Mr Blackwell's Tears


I posted this on my facebook page 2 days after Mr Blackwell's moment on CNN.

Mr Blackwell's Tears:
Mr. Blackwell, the CNN anchor - who recently had a moment on live television while reacting to the presidents tweets about 'rodent and crime infested areas,' is from where I'm from- albeit a different part of the country, but he represents a large segment of the country who live or have lived in these 'infested' areas. The president went on to say that 'no human beings would want to live there.' Well guess what, sir!?!? Many human beings do in fact live and have lived there. Believe it or not most people who come from these areas are very proud of where they came from. That may be a pill to swallow for many because, for the blind, it is unfathomable that anyone who lives in these areas could love it in absolution. Yes, there are many challenges in these areas, don't get me wrong, but the positivity far outweigh the negativity that is there. If you don't know, I don't think these words will do much for you. You can continue to form your thoughts and opinions based on what you hear and read. We, the many who live and have lived in these 'infested' areas, live and will continue to love and honor where we come from. And you don't have to take my word for it because after all, who am I!?!?
I'm from Mobile, Alabama and proud. I come from an area in Mobile called 'The Orange Grove' and another called 'The Bottom.' For the 'blind'- most major cities and even smaller ones have a 'Bottom.' It's an area where a vast majority live who are economically, socially, and politically challenged. The Orange Grove was a huge housing project in Mobile. I say was because it has been torn down and all of it's people relocated to to other areas of the city. One could ascertain that the name infers that at one point this area probably grew oranges but at some point in history someone decided to build low cost housing for the many socially and economically depraved. In the 'Bottom' that I'm from, the name again has it's own inference. But it's a pretty straightforward connotation. The Bottom is the lowest point or part of something. Believe it or not there was a city landfill in the back of the neighborhood. And there are many 'Bottoms' in Mobile and across the country that go by other names. But for the many that live in these areas it's just a name or tag if you will. Whatever it is called in your particular demographic, just know that these 'infested' areas are home to 'Human Beings' just as anywhere else in this country.
Sadly, I say that if we're not careful this person is going to be re-elected. Time and again I've watched and whatever this person does and says gets glossed over or the narrative of what he has said or done is spun so ridiculously that it isn't even worth the time to try to unspin the spin. RIDICULOUS!!!! Everyone, just take for a second, and take the news media out of this equation and observe and think for yourselves. I'm not a news media opponent by any means because the media in and of itself has it's value. It's a reference point as to where I stand in this world. But, you have to see the forest and the trees. Take for instance when Obama's economic numbers were frowned upon and not given any legitimacy whatsoever by a large segment of the population. That's all I needed. Maybe it's something else for you that tells you what you need to know to understand what's really going on here because there are many instances before and since to choose from. It's one thing to speak the words that he spoke if it was an attempt to bring light to or to uplift in some sort of way that particular situation that these people live. But, I didn't get that from the context of his tweet. And neither did Mr. Blackwell and the many who have lived and currently live in these areas. Senator Cummings retort to the tweets was spot on. In a nutshell - When he has asked the president for help and assistance in these 'infested' areas, he has received no support.
Everyone's experience is not the same. We must understand that. But when your platform is used to disparage persons of limited means for whatever reason, it is just plain wrong. And his supporters who seem to find no problem with anything he does and says, you know- those good christian, bible reading, god fearing people, it just blows my mind. I say to these people to continue on your path because he represents you and he represents you well. The whole world can see it. So, enjoy yourselves!!
To Mr. Blackwell- I salute you sir. Your tears are my tears and the tears of many more in this country...….