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During the meet and greet (friday night event whatever it may be called in actuality) will there be a dj?

Just interested in knowing what kind of scene it was going to be...


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Not sure what they'll have but the last 2 reunions did not have a DJ. We had music and a TV is a must because the NBA finals will be going on at that time and during both reunions it had a good crowd in front of it.


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Dirty, we're working on a DJ, for the Meet & Great, however nothing is definite.

Fiyah, a TV is more than workable.

ATL, the only suit you'll need, is a birthday suit.



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Re: Awwwww hellllllll nawwwwwwwwww

Originally posted by Jaguar Diehard

That did it!!!

I'm leaving the wife at home!!!!

Saving up my $$ now!!!!

:lol: :lmao: :lol: :lmao: :lol:


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Then, I guess that there will be alot of dancing on the ceilings, huh? DTJ, you better bring your dancing shoes. :D