More neglect on the children


I swear yall..I'm not making this up. Again, if you don't want the children...strap it up!!!

HUTCHINS, Texas ? A suburban South Dallas couple has been charged with felonies after authorities found the woman's 8-year-old daughter kept in a closet, officials said today.

Hutchins police say the girl was just three feet tall and weighed just 25 pounds. They believe the girl had been kept in the closet for at least four months.

"They showed her a TV monitor, and she didn't know what a TV was. They showed her a picture of a sun, and she said she didn't know what the sun was. She told them she was two years old when they asked her how old she was, so it's very obvious that she's been neglected for awhile," Assistant Police Chief David Landers told Dallas television station WFAA.

Police Chief Gregory Griffin said the girl was found in the filthy 4- by 8-foot closet, wearing soiled clothing. The girl was taken to Children's Medical Center of Dallas for treatment of malnutrition, Griffin said. No identities had been released as of Tuesday.

Authorities say the situation came to light last night when the girl's stepfather told a volunteer firefighter that he was concerned that his wife had been keeping her daughter closeted.

Landers said the girl was alert and in good spirits despite her captivity.

The mother and stepfather have been charged with felony failure to protect a child and injury to a child. The girl and five other children have been removed from the home in Pebble Creek Mobile Home Park and placed in emergency foster custody.


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Lord, have mercy

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SMDH.....This is sad.


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INJECT THEM with poison and hang them from their toes over hot coals!


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Excuse the language...

:redhot: That just chit just burns the hell out of me!!! WTF??? Sorry arse trailer trash:mad: Put their arse in a closet for months and see what happens. We have got to enforce stricter and harsher laws!!! :kaioken: #@$%$#@#$ :splat:


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Can't these people be charged and convicted on attempted murder charges. Let's face it, the child would have eventually died had this contined.

Children and Parents (good ones like ours) are our most precious treasures!

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Assistant Police Chief David Landers said the girl was alert and in good spirits despite her captivity

Earth to Landers:

Why in da L would you say an 8 year old child is in "good spirits" when she weighs 25 lbs., has been kept in a closet, doesn't know what the sun or television is, and thinks she is 2 years old?
This kid needs LOTS of help.


Lauren's mother and stepfather, Barbara Calhoun Atkinson and Kenneth Ray Atkinson, were arrested on injury to a child charges and are being held at the Lew Sterrett Justice Center. Ms. Atkinson is being held on a $100,000 bond and Mr. Atkinson is being held without bond because of an outstanding warrant for probation violation and theft from Ellis County.

Officials said Lauren, who underwent surgery Tuesday, was in serious condition but would not say whether her injuries were life threatening. Officials also decline to reveal the nature of the surgery.

Her five siblings, who were dirty and had lice, were placed in two foster homes, Ms. Meisner said. The three girls were placed with one family, and the two boys with another.

None of the school-age children attended school in the last year. Officials are uncertain whether they have ever been enrolled in school.

The two previous investigations of abuse in the home ? in Jasper and Wood counties ? were closed because the family moved and could not be located, Ms. Meisner said. In one case, the family moved the same day the allegation were reported and within a few days in the other case.

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People talk about how bad Tim Mcveigh was but in my eyes these people are worse. Tim McVeigh killed people without torturing them. These people are torturing kids. sad just sad...............

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Originally posted by Dr. Sweet NUPE
Tim McVeigh killed people without torturing them.
McVeigh blew up 168 innocent people all because he had some ucked up agenda. To me, that's torture--torture to the victims and torture to the families!!!


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Um, Sweets ...

Everyone who died in OKC didn't die immediately. I'd say their suffering was pretty profound. IMO, those offenses are equally as bad because they involve children, and deserve a fate that is equally as harsh. If anything, these parents and parents like them are bigger monsters, because it takes an AWFUL LOT of love, attention, and help for these kids to overcome abuse like that, and sometimes they don't ... but they learn real quick how to procreate ... and the cycle continues ...

No, she didn't die, and I pray that she doesn't, but she will have issues for the rest of her life. Issues she does NOT deserve to have.

If you don't want the children, don't have them, or at least give them up so that someone who would love a child can have a child. No child deserves to be treated that way.

I know I talk crazy about my babies, but that's just the way I am. Hell, I'd shoot myself in the head and have that foolishness broadcast over the jumbotron at American Airlines arena before I could even fathom doing such harm to my babies.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to put my son in a headlock and pull my daughter's ponytail!