More APR sanctions: NCAA eliminates 2013 spring practice

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by JSU2000, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. JSU2000

    JSU2000 Member

    The NCAA has smacked the Jackson State football program with scholarship cuts, practice time reductions and postseason bans over the last few years — a result of the school’s poor academic scores.

    Now, the governing body for college athletics has dealt the team, maybe, its most severe blow.

    Jackson State is barred from holding spring practice next year, unless the NCAA accepts the school’s waiver request, according to documents The Clarion-Ledger obtained earlier today through a public records request.

    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    I seriously hope all sanctions are dropped.. and JSU is able to compete for the SWAC Championship.... they improved.... thats what Im looking at... this rule reminds me of No Child Left Behind.... as long as improvements are made, JSU shouldnt be punished.

  3. JSU2000

    JSU2000 Member

    Will another single -year APR close to 913 help the rolling APR average get over 900? Does the single-year APR come out in the fall? Could the NCAA be helping JSU by only canceling the Spring practice not expelling JSU from the NCAA?
  4. bluedog

    bluedog "Leader of Kings"

    Wait a minute this isn't JSU asking for an appeal is it?

    “We beseech you not to eradicate and ignore these efforts,” JSU says in the waiver request, “especially those of the student-athletes by meting out punitive measures for positive academic performance and a spring in the right direction.”

    Android the "Peoples Champion"... take Note

    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    yeah I was thinking the same thing.... that dont sound like something you would say to someone you requesting a waiver from... who wrote "WE BESEECH YOU"
  6. The Founder

    The Founder Well-Known Member

    My prayers are with JSU....
  7. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    Man, this is almost comical.. It is so sad that it is funny.
  8. SUJagFan

    SUJagFan Well-Known Member

    Kendrick once had a signature that said "the standard is the standard".

    One thing I hate about Black people is that we expect people to accept our substandard performance.

    We don't have high standards for ourselves, so why should anyone else have any standards for us? It should be okay for us to be late. It should be okay for us to have bad credit. It should be okay for us to be loud, obnoxious and rude. We accept our poor academic performance, why shouldn't others? After all, we have all of these excuses and WE IMPROVED! Didn't meet the standard, but we did better in our nig.gardly way. Shouldn't improvement count?


    Look people, this type of thinking feeds right into white superiority. Expecting or accepting lower performance for us is accepting that we must be less than others.

    I don't believe that to be true. Personally, I'm inferior to no one. Neither are you. I'm not saying we're better than anyone else. I'm just saying we're not inferior. And we shouldn't desire nor accept low standards and performance for our people.

    Especially, when the problem is the education of students at HBCUs whether they be athletes or not. Our APR rates should be as high or higher than everybody else's because the very purpose and mission of HBCUs is to educate our people. Not just enroll them. Or put them through some classes until we no longer have need of them athletically.

  9. bluedog

    bluedog "Leader of Kings"

    Its seems a if JSU has no regards for the NCAA nor the SWAC. After being warn and ban previously they repeated the same offense.

    I think the SWAC should step in and ban them from playing football for being repeat offenders to show they mean business.

    Android the "Peoples Champion"... take Note
  10. JSU2DEC

    JSU2DEC New Member

    We would have damn near had to have a perfect score to get to the 900 level there was no way we was making 900 any way it was going to be a 2 year process at the least so to tack on more sanctions are a bit excessive but it is what it is.
  11. Robber

    Robber Consigliere

    When the ban was placed last year, I think Jafus posted an analysis that showed even if JSU had a perfect single year APR, we couldn't achieve the rolling 4-year average. Given that, I'm hoping the waivers are granted.
  12. JSU2DEC

    JSU2DEC New Member

    Exactly we had 2 years in the mid 800 we knew we wasnt going to achieve the score of 900. Like I say its like they are adding on to what ever punishment we had already
  13. DallasCowboyGirl

    DallasCowboyGirl The Olympian

    If you all can find someone on that dumb ass staff of ya'lls that can write up a decently worded waiver you just might be granted your waiver!
  14. GramUntilDeath

    GramUntilDeath Grambling St. #1 FAN

    DCG not so early this morning.

    Wow JState good luck!!
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2012
  15. Jag-BR

    Jag-BR Go Jags!!!!!!

  16. ScreamTeam1

    ScreamTeam1 Brave "4" Life

    to add more wood to the fire, word is that the student that got shot this past weekend at the pool party was by a jsu football player. i got this info from a coach and others from the yard.
  17. MikeBigg

    MikeBigg Well-Known Member

    Hope JSU (and all the rest of us) can get our Academic house in order. We may not can get Blue Chip athletes, but I feel we need to focus on getting better students and student-athletes into our programs. We may not graduate them to the NFL, but they can "go pro" in their academic disciplines!
  18. jag4life

    jag4life Well-Known Member

    So if true (which I don't think it is), did the coach contact the police?
  19. The Founder

    The Founder Well-Known Member

    Grambling's Men's basketball team is next. JSU would have needed three to four years total to fix this. The equation used is designed to set schools up for failure once they drop below a certain standard.

    NUPE is on the move - Using Tapatalk
  20. JSU2DEC

    JSU2DEC New Member

    Yeah everybody say they have heard something but no one has contacted the police . Our damn society SMH
  21. ScreamTeam1

    ScreamTeam1 Brave "4" Life

    not only were the police not contacted but the student parents werent either. his brother was on twitter and he ran across the info there and he contact their parents. they immediately got in their car and drove to jackson. the parents say they are trying to cover it up. word is the football player was accidently bumped into the pool. the guy apologized several times but the football player couldnt let it go and shot the boy in the head.
  22. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    Oh well. :noidea:
    Another 2 years of playing games just to be playing them.
  23. mighty hornet

    mighty hornet The HMIC!!


    A college pool party had to have a lot of people there who saw what happened, so I don't understand how/why nobody has been charged.
    But then again, I don't understand how/why a college kid would be carrying a gun, especially to a pool party with other college kids.
  24. mighty hornet

    mighty hornet The HMIC!!

    as far as the sanctions, after the post season ban, I thought the next one was expulsion from the NCAA. Good thing for Jsu, I was wrong.
  25. Fiyah

    Fiyah Administrator Staff Member

    That's another topic.....let's stick to this one....
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