Monthly Empowerment (ME) for August (2021 Athletic Season)



Prayer for the 2021 Athletic Season

Father in Heaven,

In humble submission and gratitude, I come before You, thanking You for another opportunity. Father, thank You for Your mercy, which is new every morning, and for giving us more Grace. Thank You for this day, for this month, and thank You Father for keeping us these 28 days of this month, and for these 8 months of this year. Thank You for another opportunity to get things right with You and with our fellow man.

Father, as we approach another month, we find ourselves at another athletic season. For some, the season has already started, for others it’s about to begin. And as the season gets underway, we all still have the COVID virus to consider. Lord, this time, the virus is stronger and continues to sweep across the nation. But I know that You hold all things in Your hands, and that You are in control. So, Father, I pray that You keep a protective covering over all athletes, in the name of Jesus. I pray that You will keep them healthy and free from injuries. And while I know that injury does come with competing, I also know that You hold healing in Your hands, so I pray in advance for Your healing and restoration of health, in the name of Jesus.

Father, bless the parents and those that care for our athletes. Please reveal Your wisdom to them, that they may pass on Your teachings to their children. Let parents care for and nurture in a way that will put their children on the path that You set, in the name of Jesus. I pray that You will bless teachers and coaches this season, send Your Spirit to them. Father, touch their minds, that good, Godly counsel and instruction will be given that will be beneficial to our athletes, in and out the competitive area. Lord, be with this conference, bless commissioner McClelland and all 12 conference institutions. Father, thank You for these HBCUs that You have allowed to stand and withstand for decades. I pray, in the name of Jesus, that all decisions made by our conference and college presidents will be pleasing in Your sight, and will bring positive, impacting progress, in the name of Jesus.

Lord, please remember the officiating personnel, those who facilitate and monitor the games. In the name of Jesus, please let them be fair and honest. Give them Your hindsight in calling the games, give them Your sight to see clearly. I pray against bias and favor, Lord, that games will be played well and in good spirit. Father, I pray that this season will be a good one, one that will produce athletes that will progress to the highest level of their sport. I pray for good, competitive games, and I pray that You will get the glory and honor. So, in the name of Jesus, I bind aggressive actions, toxic & trash talk, insulting instigations, and bad behavior.

And Father, when it is time to travel to and from, please be with our athletes and their families, with all supporters, fans, the bands, and cheerleaders. I pray Your traveling grace and arrival mercy this season. And as good and talented as our athletes are, as responsible as we claim to be, please let us all remember that we are still in a pandemic. Father, thank You for keeping us well and healthy. Thank You for allowing us some relief. Thank You Lord for the wisdom You imparted into researchers and scientists. Thank You for the strength You give the doctors, nurses, EMTs, frontline healthcare workers, the laboratory technologists, all those who have worked tirelessly for the past year and 5 months of this pandemic. Continue to strengthen them, Father, in the name of Jesus. Put it on our minds that while You have not given us a spirit of fear, You have given us a strong, sound mind, one that will take in knowledge. Continue Lord to reveal wisdom to each of us regarding this virus. Please continue Your mercy on us and show us how to stay as healthy as we can, and to trust You to do the rest. As You have mandated that all things be done decently and in order, give us the mind to follow the proper protocols and guidelines that will help those who cannot protect themselves against this virus. And no matter how things look, if they should get better or worse, Father remind Your people that You STILL sit on the Throne!

All glory and majesty, honor and power to You, Lord Jesus Christ, now and forever! Please accept my prayer, in the name of Jesus,

Thank You Father and Amen.