Mississippi Delta Community College Scandal Letter (Must Read)

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    OK. I live 5 miles from MDCC and things have been like this for the longest concerning the attitudes in the letter.

    It is 4 pages of taped messages and convos transcribed into letter form to let the world know how bad things are down there and what the white leaders on the Board of Trustees at the school are trying to do.

    There are a LOT of racial epithets and strong language so you have been forewarned.

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    Not surprised at all.

  3. coldsweat

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    Wow! This is indeed interesting. How did you get a hold of this and how many people have been contacted about it?
  4. In_The_662

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    I was having problems posting a response the other day so that's the reason for the late response ...
  5. In_The_662

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    The letter has made it to the offices of Bennie Thompson and Jesse Jackson. Bennie has put the FBI on this situation because of the racism angle and the fact that the school got award a large 3.6 million dollar grant to assist low-income, first-generation college students at a predominately black institution (MDCC has gone from a well under 50% black to 3/4 black in under 5 years) and the Board was going to try to divert that money to benefit white students.

    There was a rally yesterday held by Bishop Sparks in order to let the students know who have been been vocal about the racism down there that they are not alone. The NAACP has been on it but from the standpoint of black maintenance workers working 5 days while everyone else works four days. Once they sat in on that meeting, that was just something else to put on their plate.

    The special Board of Trustees meeting that was held Monday only lends credence to the letter. Two of the people in the letter spoke the entire meeting and ignored the letter and the complaints of the maintenance workers. They brought up their selection of an interim president without the knowledge of the black Board of Trustees or them being present. They went into executive session and straightened them out during that session because they came out approving the selection drinking massa's cool water (sidenote: when asked why a black candidate for President wasn't considered it seemed they were offended by the question).
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    Ok, I cant read that small print. Is there a way to print this out?
  7. In_The_662

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    Most people just went full screen on their computer and printed it from there.
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    You cant post a pdf format of the letter?
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    Yall really be surprised by what these white southern baptist do huh? That is why I asked the question, "Is the south really the bible belt?". No it is not. It is the most hatred filled belt in America!!
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    The letter is in circulation. I'm waiting on my copy.
  11. kellis

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    I read it. :smh: :smh:
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    I will try to do that later on. I'm fairly new to making those things :lol
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    Forward it to whoever you can so that those students can see that people are looking out for them.

    The biggest cowards in this situation aren't the racist Board of Trustees but the black leaders who as of this post have not even acknowledged or disputed the letter thus lending more credence to it. Just throw them a little money and they will keep quiet :(

    These same leaders are a key reason why Valley has to scrap to get the funding being located in the Delta compared to other area schools. These are also the reason why there were two private prisons in the Delta operated by the same company that operated over 100 short daily but they pretend like nothing's going on. Jobs and people are leaving the Delta at an alarming rate but they are cool with it (Mississippi's overall population isn't shrinking though; it's growing).

    Bennie Thompson and the rest of the state representatives representing the areas affected (Sunflower County and the bordering counties) have failed these students and their people.

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    That's what I did also. The print was too small.
  15. In_The_662

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    I've created the pdf files but don't know how to upload them to this site...

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